Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Yellow Fever!

This summer I have been drawn to anything yellow, I realise this is not completely a choice made of my own freewill as there are many gorgeous yellow items popping up in the shops this year all coaxing me to buy them, at which they have been successful!

The yellow coloured items in my wardrobe have gone from virtually nothing to five items with two more to come hopefully!

First up my Tabitha handbag!

I know you have all seen it but this has been a pretty major accessory for me in the month that I've had it. I have used it almost every day. I promised myself I wouldn't use it for work but I have been as I just can't put it down!

O.S.P by Osprey purse.

I had my eye on this for a little while but I was waiting for a 10% off weekend, the wait was worth it as it had 20% off in the end! I adore the colour and the lining is beautiful it reminds me of a silk scarf or dress. I love a big purse, I don't like fiddly little ones!

Skinny belt from Accessorize.

I bought this earlier in the year, my first yellow purchase! I wear it with a white tunic and blue leggings, it gives a little bit of colour on an otherwise plain outfit. 

Zara scarf.

My most recent yellow item, I bought last week in the Zara sale. I looove it! With just a white t-shirt it looks so summery and fresh, I just bought a plain black H&M maxi dress today and this will be perfect as a cover-up for the evening!

Nails Inc Spitalfields polish.

A previously unloved polish in my collection now has pride of place on my bedside table! I've spoken about it loads but for me it's the perfect shade for my nails. I would like to try a stronger shade but have yet to find one I like!

There are two more items on my yellow wishlist, this skirt from Topshop,

I have only seen it in a magazine and have been in the shop and checking the website daily but I don't think it's in the shops yet, I hope I haven't missed it!

Monsoon Fusion Skirt

In the new section of the website this pleated skirt is hitting two trends! If it's long enough on me I'll be buying this when it gets to the shops, I had a look today and it's not out yet. I think it will amazing with a white t-shirt tucked in, a skinny black belt and my chunky patent black heels. I just love the accent colour around the zip! Shame I couldn't get it before I go on holiday, it would have been great for the evening!

Well I think that's enough yellow for now! Have you added anything yellow to your wardrobe?



    I spotted these on my lunchtime browse of the Topshop website, knew I recognised them from somewhere!

  2. I love that bag!
    Especially because of the name of the brand ;)
    And that monsoon skirt is stunning!

  3. Ellifer - Thank you so much for the link! I would have spent ages waiting for it as I thought it was a skirt!! I shall have to go and try them on! x

    Tabitha - The bag is perfect for you!! I am def getting the skirt when I get back from my hols! Love it! x