Tuesday, 19 July 2011

OOTD x2!


I hope you don't mind me posting these but I have been enjoying everyone else's, I thought I'd contribute!

First up in this double post is last nights outfit, hugely over the top for the occasion but I enjoyed wearing it! We went to a little restaurant for dinner, it was a little bit posh but not enough for sequins! I've had this top since Easter and this was it's first wearing!

Top - Monsoon Fusion
Trousers - Monsoon
Wedges - Clarkes
Lipstick - MAC Gulabi

I bought the cropped trousers in the Monsoon sale the day before coming to France, I'd been looking for a pair for aaages! The shoes are a pair of black patent peep toe wedges that I got in the Clarkes sale a couple of years ago but have never worn them. They were one of those purchases where I stuffed my feet into them because of the price! Now I've lost weight they fit fine!

Top - Monsoon Fusion
Trousers - Laura Ashley
Sandals - Accessorize

Today's outfit also features a top from Monsoon Fusion! I love this top and bought it with the other one, I have worn this twice now and continue to enjoy it! I love the sleeves and the little print.
Do excuse the seriously dodgy hair, I tried to curl it today for the first time since having it cut and it's still a bit short to achieve a good look! Apologies for the blurry pictures too, not sure what's going on here, different camera and laptop!

 It is freezing here today and as I type my dad is lighting the wood burner downstairs IN JULY!! I brought one cardi that has gone on now!

Anyway, hope the weather perks up it has been rubbish this week, wet and pretty cold! 



  1. you're looking super hannah :-) i am about to start on a big weight loss drive and seeing u look so happy and confident is a real inspriation to me :-) xo

  2. You look properly beautiful in all your pictures.

    And sequins are ALWAYS appropriate. Always :) x

  3. @giltyxx - Thank you so much that means a lot! Good luck on your journey! I know you can do it! xx

    @Product Pixie - Thank you!! I do love a sequin at any time!! xx