Friday, 28 October 2011

NOTD - Designer De Better

Designer De Better from the OPI Muppets collection, is my most recent purchase, only yesterday in fact! I applied it first thing this morning!

With the flash

Without the flash

The colour is gorgeous but so difficult to photograph! I'm showing both pictures because they both represent the colour! It's very sparkly and so pretty! It's a champagne coloured base with goldy orange shimmer within it. I feel like it will make a fabulous "winter white" for the upcoming season. I initially bypassed this colour online however the fab Rachel or Cupcakesandscissors on You Tube convinced me to buy it her most recent haul video along with actually seeing it in John Lewis yesterday, it literally shone on the shelf and stood out amongst all the others!

I really can't compare it to anything else I have in my stash, it's completely unique and I love it!

I have bought some more from the Muppets collection and I'm loving them all so far!

Have you bought this one yet?!


Saturday, 22 October 2011

Bootie Call

I arrived back from France to a little box outside my front door! I had ordered these adorable boots about three weeks ago, they went out of stock before my order was posted so I had to wait.

I have always been intrigued by Uggs but they don't really go with my style of dressing however I wanted a pair of cozy little boots that were a bit smarter and these little pixie ones seemed to suit my style.

I ordered them from the Johnny B section from Boden, it's aimed more at teenagers but they have some really cute stuff. They cost £64 but I bought them for £44, I had a 20% off code and a £10 gift voucher, I'm not sure I would have paid full price for them, although they are leather and really well made.

I'll be wearing them with leggings and my ginger coloured cord skirt and bright tights. They can be worn turned up or down and I like either way! 

Heres a link!

I've not had a chance to wear them properly yet, only around the house and I think I'm going to love them this winter!


Friday, 14 October 2011

Shiny and New!

On my travels I had to leave behind a toiletry bag due to weight restrictions on my luggage, how is a high maintenance girl to survive with only 15kg?! I decided to leave the things I could buy here so first day dans la supermarche I had a look around the toileteries aisle.

I'm afraid I'm a bit of a shampoo snob and I tend to choose more luxury brands than the high street ones, I left my Label M faves behind. I skipped past the Herbal Essences, had a bad experience with them in the past, and honed in on the Bio section, the organic and natural area.

I was drawn towards this brand, Le Petit Marseillais, they had a large range and I started to notice the brand in other areas. I wanted something similar to what I'd left behind which was Honey and Oat so I chose the Shea Butter and Honey range. I can't quite remember how much they were but the conditioner was under €5 and the shampoo was under €3. 

I was blown away the first day I used them! My hair was gloriously shiny and soft. When I wash my hair here it tends to go very flat and limp and I usually hate it! I think it's something to do with the soft water. The scent is lovely, just like honey. The conditioner is thick and buttery and my hair loves it!

I also needed some shower wash and I would prefer to get something natural or organic so I stuck to Le Petit Marseillais.

I chose this one because of the scent, it smells just like my Elemis bath milk I have at home but for less than €3! Again it's lovely, really creamy and it leaves a lovely scent on my skin. I have fairly sensitive skin and moisturisers and shower products often leave me with red skin, nothing like that here!

I am so impressed with these I'm taking them home, I was just going to leave them here for next time. I'm not sure how natural or organic they are, it's not really mentioned on the bottles much and my French isn't good enough to understand everything on the back. I have had a nosey around their website and they are promoting a natural scene and seem concerned about the planet, all good in my book!


Thursday, 13 October 2011

Full Speed Ahead!

The weather here in France is amazing! We have had three days of 25c and three or four more to come, incredible for this time of year. I am pretty far south so the weather is fairly good anyway but I'm in for a shock when I get home! 

The nice weather has given me a chance to wear some of my favourite summer items again! Hurrah!

I have got my black jersey H&M maxi out! I love this dress, so easy to wear and it looks great. I will defintely get more in other colours next year, hopefully a brown one! I always wear it with a belt, this tan one os also from H&M. My skull scarf is from Miss Selfridge and my cropped denim jacket is from Topshop, probably one of the best items of clothing I have ever purchased! I grimaced at pay £45 or so for it but I don't regret it one bit! It started off a bit chilly this morning so I needed the jacket but it has come off now! My trusty yellow Tabitha Saturn is the only bag I brought, well 15kg is not a lot to bring for 10 days so I chose my bag to go with everything!

I promised an FOTD with one of my new lippies, well here we are!

I chose to wear the Sheen Supreme lipstick in Full Speed. I bloomin' love it!

It's a bright coral pink and soooo super glossy. It has a slight frost to it and it reminds me of Made With Love mixed with a bit of Costa Chic. The lipstick itself is lovely to wear, soft and shiny, I love it. I'll certainly look at others in the range.

On a side note I've not painted my nails for days! I can't wait to do a proper manicure later! I guess I get a bit lazy with my make up on holiday anyway! Besides, it's only me and my mum here and we've been gardening the last couple of days! 


Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Mini MAC Haul!

Bon soir! I'm in France this week and on the way here I indulged in a spot of Duty Free MAC!

I travelled on Friday last week and I knew that the new collections would be out. I was so disappointed to get through security and find they hadn't got them yet! 

My Mum and I were helped by an amazing MUA, she was so helpful and really wanted us to find things that worked for us not just to sell us any old thing. When I asked if she had the new collections she took me to a hidden drawer full of new makeup and I got to have a play around with the newest collections!

First up my newest obsession, lip products! I had a look around at the existing collections and chose something from the Style Driven collection, a Pro Longwear Lipglass in Whoops! I wore it today and I can honestly say it was amazing! Not just the gorgeous coral colour, the colour that flatters me the most, the products longevity is immense! I applied it in the morning and it saw me right through to the afternoon and if I hadn't been such a pig a lunchtime it would have lasted through lunch too!

Secondly I fell in love with a Sheen Supreme lipstick in Full Speed, it's a really bright pinky coral. Another style of product I have yet to try, the Sheen Supreme lipsticks are so creamy and glossy,  j'adore!

Finally on the lip splurge I bought an Amplified lipstick from one of the newest collections, Fall Colour in the Wild Colour section of this huge collection. Neon Orange is a very bright slightly reddy orange, barely neon but certainly bright. It feels a little late to be buying such a bright colour on the other hand it seems perfect to offset the rusts and mustards for the autumn.

My final purchase was a bit of a lemming buy! 

The Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade. I'd seen a few of my blogging and YT companions confess to their purchase on Twitter and had noticed it had sold out online in two days online. Presented to me in the assistants secret drawer I knew it had to be mine! I straight away said "Put it through the till!" It's a blue toned sheer highlighter with lilac and peach veins running through it. I have worn it a couple of times and I kinda like it but I don't love it yet. I'll keep working with it.

I'll do some pictures of me wearing them soon, I didn't do them today as I had a bit of a dodgy hair day today after attempting to let my hair air dry, I can promise I will not do that again soon!


Saturday, 1 October 2011

Petit Purchases


I bought a couple of cool new autumnal items this week and I thought I'd share. The weather here has been amazing for the time of year, in fact hotter than many of the days of summer! So some of my purchases are not entirely appropriate just yet but soon I'll be enjoying them!

Magnetized Nail Polish from 17 at Boots. I bought three of these as they are on 3 for 2 at the moment, I'm sure my Mum will pinch one of them! I really want to get a Nails Inc one but I got all three of these for the price of one of those! I'll get one soon. I tried out the green one last night but I kept hitting my nail with the magnet and ruining the polish. I loved the look but I got annoyed and gave up. I'll try again this week!

H&M polish in Envy. This was a "picked it up by the till" purchase! It's amazing emerald green glittery shimmer caught my eye! It's a stunner!

Zigzag and mustard tights from H&M. I already have a pair of the mustard tights and these are a back up, they only had two pairs left and I have loads of autumn clothes I can wear them with. The zigzag pair caught my eye as I love the Missoni style pattern, they have an orange base with a black design.

Red suedette brogues from Accessorize. I have picked this up and put them back so many times recently, I bought them this time as they were half price! £15, barg! I love the brogue style and I really wanted a heeled pair but I love the colour of these. 
Can't wait to wear them!


I Received A Blog Award :)

I am very lucky to have made some lovely friends through blogging and You Tube and recently I was lucky to receive an award from the lovely Cara from A fellow nail addict!

To accept the award I have to,

♥ Thank and link back to the person that awarded you,
♥ Write 7 random things about yourself,
♥ Spread the love to 20 of your favourite bloggers,

Ok, here we go!

1. As well as being obsessed with nail varnish I am addicted to collecting fabric. I get very excited by beautiful fabrics and have a stash of materials from Sanderson, Harlequin, Villa Nova and Cath Kidston.
2. I think I'm semi double jointed, I can get my leg behind my head!
3. I have recently become a bit of a roller coaster junkie! Having been terrified of them my whole life I went on the Saw ride at Thorpe Park about two years ago and then I went to Alton Towers twice in a year and I'm going next year too! I'd love to go back to Orlando and go to Universal and Busch Gardens after being to scared to go on the rides when I was younger!
4. I hate making phone calls, if I can put it off I will, it gets me into trouble though!
5. I don't own a pair of jeans.
6. One of my biggest regrets is not sticking with musical instruments when I was younger, I played the clarinet and flute but due to moving house and schools I gave up. I enjoyed it!
7. I would love to have my own shop selling cushions, rugs, furniture and home items I just love all that stuff!

Here are 20 of my fave blogs, beauty, fashion, food and interiors,

Thanks again Cara! :)