Sunday, 12 June 2011

First Try - Leighton Denny

This week my Leighton Denny experience has gone from one product to four! I had purchased my first polish from his line last month, 

Inside Scoop from his SS11 Gelato collection. It's a lovely pale pistachio ice cream green, I have worn it and I got a few compliments on the colour and I did enjoy the shade but it took three coats.

Last weekend I was reading the Obsessive Cosmetics Disorder blog and Leanne had mentioned that she had enjoyed using a trial size of the Leighton Denny Essential Remover and would purchase the larger size! I started to wonder if  a higher end polish remover would help with my sensitive cuticles and since I change my polish every few days, maybe more if I'm honest, it may be gentler on my nails.

I've had it a week now and I love it! I smells really good and it has essential oils in it and is very conditioning for my cuticles and I have definitely noticed a difference this week, I must have used it four times on my hands and twice on my toes. It smells of lavender and is lovely! It was priced at £5.50, which I didn't think was too expensive, I'll see how quickly I get through a bottle but for the extra couple of £'s over a cheapy one, the difference it makes is worth it for me!

I also purchased the Crystal Nail File. This was out of necessity rather than choosing this particular brand. I have had a large glass Nails Inc file for a few years and I have recently lost it, I know it's in the house but I have driven myself mad looking for it!! I hate emery boards, I promise once you use a glass file you can never use an emery board. I honestly think it was the best nail purchase I have ever made, although expensive at the time, they should last forever, unless you sit on it or loose it!!

This one is smaller than my lost one and comes in a plastic case, a great idea as I sat on my very first glass file and totally broke it! To be honest I prefer the Nails Inc one, it's a little more abrasive and I feel it files a little better and easier. It was £12, which is comparable to the Nails Inc one.

Also this week I purchased Harpers Bazaar magazine which comes with a free Leighton polish. After much deliberating between the three other colours, a taupe and a red, I picked Do Me A Flavour a hot orange.

Also from the Gelato collection, this polish is worth £11. I love the colour, it VERY bright! Great for the summer and orange it such a hot colour this year. A couple of nails went streaky and could do with a third coat but I left it at two.

So far I have been fairly impressed, I'm not sure I would purchase any more colours form his line, I don't feel they are particularly unique and I feel they aren't worth the £11 price tag. The other thing that puts me off the line is the amount of useless packaging that the products come in. Everything comes in a clear plastic box which it totally unnecessary and must push the price of the product up. The polish and the remover do not need extra packaging.

I am interested in trying the Renovate, that helps to restore and protect the surface of the nail.

Have you tried any Leighton Denny what are your favourites.


FOTD featuring Candy Yum Yum!

I missed out on Candy Yum Yum a couple of months ago when it first came out with the Quite Cute collection, I just wasn't sure that I'd like it. When Kelly Osborne mentioned on Twitter that this was her new favourite lipstick and YouTubers and bloggers started to get excited, I started to want it!! Anyway a friend bought it and she didn't like it so we swapped, I had just bought Creme Cup and didn't like that either.

I wore it as soon as I got it and my BFF, gasped when he saw me wearing it and proclaimed "That's a bit bright isn't it?!" Perhaps it was little wild for work! 

I took it off and tried again at home, and it looked awful. So away it went as a lipstick that was collected but never worn.

Today I tried it again, 


I used a lip brush and applied a little bit of clear gloss over the top. The lipstick itself is quite matte so the gloss helps to soften the look but it stays bright. I love it for the summer, I still think it's too bright for work but will be fab for my holiday!

I am also wearing,

♥ Chanel Vita Lumiere in Biege B20
♥ MAC MSF Natural
♥ MAC Amazon Princess Blush
♥ MAC Retrospeck and Patina Eyeshadow
♥ MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
♥ Bobbi Brown Clear Lip Gloss

I kept the rest of my makeup pretty neutral and let the bright lipstick be the feature.

Have you got this lipstick? What do you think?!


Friday, 10 June 2011

Outfit and Makeup Of The Night!

Just an outfit for dinner with friends, I wore,

♥ White t-shirt from H&M
♥ Skirt from Monsoon, first time wearing it!
♥ Belt H&M
♥ Wedges Monsoon, although they had to be changed to flats because I couldn't walk in them!
♥ Bag Zara


♥ Earrings, scarf and rings from Accessorize
♥ Bag Zara

I wore,

♥ Benefit Moonbeam
♥ Chanel Vita Lumiere in B20 Biege
♥ MAC MSF Natural in Medium
♥ Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Bronzing Pearls
♥ MAC Amazon Princess Blush
♥ MAC MSF Highlighter in Soft and Gentle
♥ MAC Retrospeck and Mulch Eyeshadow's
♥ Urban Decay Twice Baked Eyeshadow
♥ MAC Superslick Eyeliner
♥ YSL Faux Cils
♥ MAC Gulabi Lipstick

Nails Inc Sumner Place and I had OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys on my toes!

Love the skirt! I did my make up kind of Arabic I suppose with a smokey (for me!) eye and winged out eyeliner. I love this lipstick, I was a little unsure when I first bought it but it's perfect for the evening! I had to change the wedges as I've never really walked in them, I couldn't walk anywhere in them!! Glad I took some flat gold sandals just in case!! 

I used my scarf as a wrap in the end as it rained tonight and it was bloomin' freezing for an evening in June, even for the UK! 


Friday, 3 June 2011

The Trilogy! OOTD, FOTD, NOTD!!

I've had a wonderful day today, the sun is shining, it's very warm and I think I may be wearing my favourite summer items today!!

I love everything I'm wearing today, clothes,  makeup and nail varnish so I thought I'd break the norm and bust out all three "OTD's"!

I'm wearing,

♥ Top from Laura Ashley, bought last week to go with a pair of white linen trousers that I also bought but it 
matches some of the flowers in the skirt.

♥ Skirt from Monsoon, I love this skirt now! When I first bought it I felt a bit "Granny" in it but it all depends what you wear it with! This is my maxi skirt for the summer as most maxi's are too long for me!

♥ Wedges from Monsoon, I love the espadrille wedge. I bought these about three years ago but have never worn them!

♥ Bag from Tabitha, the colour compliments all of the colours in my skirt and I love the studs against a feminine skirt.

♥ Jewellery from Etsy and bangle from John Lewis a couple of years ago.

I would also wear this with flat gold sandals as the wedges are a little high and not suitable for all terrains!!

I'm wearing,

♥ Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation in Biege
MAC Blushcreme in Ladyblush
♥ MAC MSF Natural
♥ MAC Retrospeck and Mulch eyeshadow
♥ MAC Superslick Eyeliner in On The Hunt
♥ YSL Faux Cils in Black
♥ MAC Everhip Lipstick

I quite sure this will be my go to face for the summer! I picked up an awesome tip from BrushingOnBeauty last night, she said to put creme blush on top of foundation and under your powder. I tried it today and it gives a lovely glow and helps the blush last longer!

OPI Stranger Tides, I know you've seen this but I've worn this for a couple of days now and I love it!! I got lots of compliments at work which surprised me as I didn't think it would be a colour most people would like! I love how fresh the colour feels and it feels like it's a new shade in the colour palette for polish! It still feels feminine despite being a murky colour. Coincidentally this colour is in my skirt too!

In a not normally seen toes of the day, I painted on my favourite summer colour, China Glaze For Audrey, I adore the colour with tan and it's yet another colour in my skirt!!

Well there we go an unnecessarily in depth look at what I'm wearing today! I have thoroughly enjoyed it and will be reaching for this combo again!