Sunday, 27 February 2011


I had a really late morning today, well you could say I didn't see the morning at all today! So I decided to play about with some make-up and remembered that I have yet to wear my newest MAC Fluidline, Siahi.

Released with the Mickey Contractor collection in January this eyeliner sold out very quickly and its easy to see why! It's a gorgeous teal blue.

I'm wearing,
♥ MAC Studio Fix foundation compact
♥ MAC MSF Natural in Medium
♥ Bobbi Brown Peony Blush
♥MAC Viva Glam Lady GaGa
♥MAC Fluidline Siahi
♥ YSL Faux Cils Mascara in Black
♥MAC Retrospeck eyeshadow
♥MAC Deep Truth eyeshadow

I love the eyeliner, I was unsure when I first bought it as I looove strong black eyeliner but I think for summer this will be a great alternative for a sunny day off!

Same for my outfit for today, it was a little cold to be wearing this really, it is still February after all! Come the spring I shall be living in this!

I'm wearing,
♥ White tunic shirt from Monsoon
♥ Blue leggings from Monsoon
♥ Red skinny belt from Accessorize
♥ Scarf form Zara
♥ Boots from Faith

I've never worn something so short with leggings but I think I can pull it off now! My legs don't feel so fat! 



Friday, 25 February 2011

Crackle-ing Up!

I'm sure you are all very aware of the recent trend for crackle and shatter top coats.

OPI were the first announce they were bringing back this look with their Black Shatter polish from the Katy Perry and Glam Slam collections. They were pipped to the post by Barry M who quickly produced their own black version. 

I really was not a fan when I first heard rumblings of the look however when I heard China Glaze were doing coloured crackles it piqued my interest. I also saw the Barry M version on a couple of real life friends and thought it actually looked better in reality than on the screen, although I still wasn't sure about the black colour.

The China Glaze Crackle collection has caused a bit of a stir and not wanting to miss out I bit the bullet and purchased two of the coloured crackles this week. I decided on Crushed Candy and Broken Hearted.

Crushed Candy is a Tiffany blue very similar to their most popular polish, For Audrey. I felt this would be the one I would use the most however I'm not sure how many colours I will wear this over. Pink shades are a match made in heaven but other than those I feel it's pretty limited. I thought about using it over First Mate which is a navy.

Broken Hearted has many more options. Pink compliments so many other colours and I have done my first manicure with a bright orange underneath, I used Eaton Square from Nails Inc. This colour combo is tipped to be big in the colour blocking fashion trend hitting the catwalks.

 As for the application, I was nervous. Having never used a polish like this before I cannot compare it to anything else. I found they were a little on the thicker side and dried very quickly, almost on the brush if you don't work quick enough. I like the way they crackle, not to chunky and I don't mind the irregularities of each nail, I thought this would be something I would hate as I like everything to be perfect and the same when I do any nail art. 

I have enjoyed wearing this manicure today, I've had a really casual day, a bit of shopping, coffee with a friend, I have worn a denim dress and felt really relaxed and my nail look has really fitted in. 

Although I feel I have got the colour combo right this time and I love it, I'm sure it will be very easy to get it wrong so experimenting before hand for me is a must!

I'm looking forward to trying different combinations and for new colours to be released. I hope this look isn't fleeting and becomes another acceptable nail style giving those that enjoy this look another stylish option when painting our nails.

I bought the polishes from, they were £8.99.

I know this is a love it or hate it look, what do you think? Have you bought any crackles?


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Wish List!

Inspired by the fabulous Belle Du Jour's recent blog post I felt the need to also put my wish list down in blog form!

By Terry Baume De Rose
We all know the lovely Lollipop26 is obsessed with this product and has converted many to it. Since becoming a lipstick fan I am obsessed with the appearance of my lips. Seriously. I'm sure they are looking aged and dry and I need something to smooth them out for the perfect lipstick application. I hope this product will help me in that quest.

Decleor Relaxing Smoothing Eye Cream.
In addition my my lip paranoia my eyes are giving me the same stress. I fear the dreaded wrinkle and since I am aging I really want to help combat the signs around my eye area before they are irreversible. Although I have used Elemis Eye Serum for many years I feel I am starting to need something more moisturising and I have recently had problems with some eye products that has left me with a stubborn dry patch under my right eye.

Elemis Melting Cleansing Gel
Elemis is my absolute favourite skincare brand, this is their newest product and of course I want to try it!

MAC Wonder Woman Marquise'd Lipstick
I recently saw this lipstick featured in selinajelibaby's YT video and looked around for more swatches. I have yet to find my go to nude lipstick and I hope this may be the one! I also love the packaging and most definitely want something from this collection!

Nails Inc Seven Dials.
I recently wore Nails Inc Haymarket and had forgotten how much I love, not only the colour but the quality of Nails Inc. I wore it with no chipping or wear for 6 days! This never happens, mostly because I get tired of the colour. I complimented a girl on her nail varnish recently and she told me it was Seven Dials and having recently seen it in the bottle at Debenhams I instantly loved it however I bought Portobello Road instead.

OPI Pirates Of The Caribbean collection.
Ok. Breathe. I was soooo excited when the gorgeous tracymiami alerted me to this collection through Twitter while I was away last week. I cannot tell you how much I love the whole collection. I love the colours, I know people were surprised at the palette however I see them as being tropical and fitting for the Caribbean theme. My favorite has to be Mermaid's Tears, the green shade although I also love Skull and Gloss Bones. Also I am seriously looking forward to seeing Stranger Tides, I love the Pirates films!
Check out Just-Nice-Things for some awesome pics!

What's on your wish list?!


Friday, 18 February 2011

Inspirational Images

I was casually flipping through my favourite magazine, Look, when an advert stopped me in my tracks!

It wasn't the product that made me gasp but the image of the model! I don't particularly like Elnett, I can't stand the smell! 

I just love the make up, nails and the hair on the model. I'm not sure who she is, I tried to Google it but came up with nothing. Her skin is flawless! I'm assuming the products are all L'Oreal, however I am most definitely busting out the orange polishes this spring. Although I am not near my collection as I write this I have a couple of polishes in this shade. 

From memory I have,

OPI Hot and Spicy, 
OPI A Good Mandarin Is Hard To Find, 
OPI On The Same Paige,
OPI Chop Sticking To My Story
I have a Nails Inc but I can't remember the name! 

As for the lipstick, I just love that shade. I have nothing like it and may be on the hunt for something similar! I do suit coral colours so maybe I can venture into this juicy shade!


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Spring Swatches

Alongside the clothing spring collections the make-up and nail varnishes are creeping into the shops to complete your spring wardrobe!

I made an order with Transdesign for some polishes from the latest collections from OPI, Essie and China Glaze.

I really love colours that are coming out this season. Pastels, different shades of blues and greys and juicy bold colours.

First up, OPI's Texas collection! Inspired by the American state where I hear bigger is better! It's a mixed collection with some bold colours and a new sorbet formula in juicy colours.

San Tan-tonio.

A beautiful caramel tan colour. This colour really flatters my skin tone, it's not too yellow against my pinky skin. I loved wearing this one, I felt very grown up and sophisticated! I think it will look lovely with my new blue blouse I posted about previously!

Suzi Loves Cowboys.

A delicious chocolate brown! I guess the colour is similar to a horses saddle! You all know I love these shades! I did enjoy wearing this one but I felt it falls a little flat after a day or so, I still prefer Sephora Brownie for my chocolate fix!

Don't Mess With OPI.

Amazing! A fabulous shade of grassy green. I really love this yellow based green it will look amazing in the summer with a white top and gold accessories!

I am pleased with these three, they were the most obvious shades that I would be drawn to in the collection. I haven't seen many swatches around of the whole collection yet and I like the look of some of the sorbet finishes.

Next up Essie French Affair.

Nice is Nice.

A gentle lavender. Very pretty, not sure that it works with my skin tone. I'm not sure on this one yet! Application was lots better than its sister shade OPI's Rumple's Wiggin.

Coat Azure.

Oh my! I just adore this one! A shimmery pale blue that reminds me of the sun glistening off the ocean in the South of France! Such a romantic image! The iridescent glimmer in the polish is quite stunning and really makes this one stand out in the collection.

Essie are on a roll at the moment and have given us another beautiful collection. There are two more from this collection that I would like to get, Barefoot and Topless, a creamy nude and French Affair, a pastel pink.

Finally China Glaze Anchors Away a nautical inspired collection!

First Mate.

I am so into this shade right now! I love it! It's a dusky navy blue, and a true blue too! No black looking blues here! Can't wait to wear this with my new spring wardrobe!

Pelican Grey.

A light grey with shimmer. At first I was disappointed with this one as I felt I had other polishes in the same vain. However on closer inspection it contains a subtle shimmer that really stands out in sunlight and make this particular shade different from the rest.

Sea Spray.

I gambled on this one and it payed off, I love it! It's a blue based grey and at first look looks similar to Pelican Grey. As with the previous colour it is laced with a multicoloured shimmer that really sets this colour apart. Such an unusual colour too, I suppose it's getting more and more difficult to develop new shades. 

To show you that it is more blue than grey here are the two bottles together,

This is Sea Spray swatched on the nail holding the Pelican Grey bottle,

You can see here how blue Sea Spray is in comparison. 

Overall I am very happy with my choices, my favourites have to be, San Tan-tonio, Don't Mess With OPI, Coat Azure, First Mate and Sea Spray! Definite must haves!

Have you managed to get anything from these collections?


Monday, 7 February 2011

Shopping Spring Style

I did a little bit of long overdue clothes shopping over the weekend and I thought I share the goodies!

The shops are full of their Spring collections and I am so glad to see some new colours and styles on the racks. I prefer to pre-shop online as I am gradually starting to hate clothes shopping. I rarely like anything I see and often come away with nothing but make-up and accessories because I am confident in my choices in these areas!

One shop I always rely on is Monsoon. I have always loved their style and although the quality and individuality has changed I can still find outfits I love. Plus having a Accessorize next door is always helpful!

OK first up is a dress I saw online and have tried on twice but couldn't make my mind up!

Not the best pic, it looks better on! Its a bit above the knee, perfect with my trusty tan boots and tights for now until the warmer weather kicks in! Its has pockets too! Needs accessorising thought, not sure which way to go, maybe a scarf or a chunky necklace, definitely chunky bangles!

Love, love, love this one! Its a white tunic top with blue leggings. Will look so cool with my gold gladiator sandals and boots for now. Still a little chilly to be wearing this one yet. The necklace is from Accessorize, not usually a fan of this style because of my big boobs the necklace tends to bounce around a bit and draw attention to my chest! I just need to get a skinny belt for the shirt as its a little baggy in the wrong places, I have seen some colourful ones in Accessorize, red or yellow maybe.

This is such a cute blouse from their Fusion range. I adore this collection, I have a few things from it now and I have felt very stylish! Its totally sheer so I will wear it with a white vest underneath. I love the puff sleeves, they are quite big but the material softens the look. I will wear this with a pair of cropped trousers and nude heels when I find the perfect pair of both the trousers and heels!

A cute little pair of dangly earrings. One of about a billion things I could have bought in Accessorize!

As you can tell I am on a blue theme this year! I love navy much more flattering on me than black!

I didn't just shop in Monsoon!

Scarves are a huge obsession of mine. I wear one almost every day. I am so in love with this one from Zara. It has panthers on it! I had first seen it online in pink and fell in love. Since first seeing the pink one they had brought it out in red and it had already sold out online. I couldn't see it in the shop itself so I asked a lovely lady and she found me the last one in the stock room! 

I did buy this earlier in the week from Miss Selfridge. I love the style, not sure how to describe it! Its many trends rolled into one, granny, nautical, country and navy! I have no idea how I'll wear it, probably linen trousers and a simple red top when the weather is a bit warmer!

There were some make-up purchases too.

I have been having problems with sensitivity around my eyes in the last couple of weeks. I suddenly had a reaction the Nivea eye make-up remover I have used forever and I had a massive allergic reaction to a mascara which has left me with tired looking dry sore eyes. I had a tester of the Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover and have got on well with it so i purchased the big size. 
I also bought the Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener after seeing it on one of the Pretty Powerful campaign posters. I asked the MUA to try it out on me and it made me look much more refreshed. I have it on for the first time today and like it so far! The colour is Bisque.
After many of you suggested lipsticks for me both on here and YT I purchased Snob. I haven't tried it yet, I swatched it against Lady Gaga and was the darker version I was looking for!

FINALLY! Portobello Road from Nails Inc, a whim purchase but I am pleased. I think it'll be lovely colour for summer and pretty with the blouse or white tunic from Monsoon.

Phew, that's it for a while! I need the weather to start getting better before I buy anymore!


Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Kiehl's Rare Earth

I received the Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque and Cleanser for Christmas and although I did ask for them I knew little about them. I had read the blurb on the website and was intrigued. I searched for some YT videos but only came across a couple and the girls had positive things to say!

Initially I was more interested in the mask. I do like a good face mask in the bath once a week or so! The unique ingredient in this range is Amazonian White Clay which Kiehl's claim will help to draw out toxins and dirt from pores and being a clay based product will help with any excess oil on the skin. The mask contains aloe and oatmeal that help to sooth the skin. 
On my first use I was surprised to find the mask stung my skin when applying however this doesn't last long and seems to have no adverse effects. I usually leave the mask on for around 15 to 20 minutes or longer if I can. When washed off I have brighter skin and my pores seem to be smaller, I am very impressed. I have used the mask about 4 or 5 times now and the effect is true of each use. I am reluctant to use it more than once a week because it still stings when I apply the clay.

The cleanser I have used almost everyday since Christmas! I only use it in the morning as I prefer to use my Elemis Pro Radiance at night. I use it in the shower, I also choose to use it in the morning as this cleanser makes my pores look diminished and in turn helps my make up application. 
Again the cleanser features the Amazonian White Clay but also Diatomaceous Earth, I know, I have no idea either! Turns out this earth is the exfoliating aspect to the cleanser. Its very fine, not harsh and perfect for the morning cleanse. You only need the smallest amount of product as it foams up very well.

Overall I am impressed with these products, I have noticed over the month my pores appear reduced, I think this is because they are cleaner rather than smaller. I have no reaction to the mask despite its initial feeling.

You can buy Kiehl's from John Lewis in the UK and from their own website in the US. The mask is £21.50 and the cleanser is £18.

Have you tried these?