Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Kiehl's Rare Earth

I received the Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque and Cleanser for Christmas and although I did ask for them I knew little about them. I had read the blurb on the website and was intrigued. I searched for some YT videos but only came across a couple and the girls had positive things to say!

Initially I was more interested in the mask. I do like a good face mask in the bath once a week or so! The unique ingredient in this range is Amazonian White Clay which Kiehl's claim will help to draw out toxins and dirt from pores and being a clay based product will help with any excess oil on the skin. The mask contains aloe and oatmeal that help to sooth the skin. 
On my first use I was surprised to find the mask stung my skin when applying however this doesn't last long and seems to have no adverse effects. I usually leave the mask on for around 15 to 20 minutes or longer if I can. When washed off I have brighter skin and my pores seem to be smaller, I am very impressed. I have used the mask about 4 or 5 times now and the effect is true of each use. I am reluctant to use it more than once a week because it still stings when I apply the clay.

The cleanser I have used almost everyday since Christmas! I only use it in the morning as I prefer to use my Elemis Pro Radiance at night. I use it in the shower, I also choose to use it in the morning as this cleanser makes my pores look diminished and in turn helps my make up application. 
Again the cleanser features the Amazonian White Clay but also Diatomaceous Earth, I know, I have no idea either! Turns out this earth is the exfoliating aspect to the cleanser. Its very fine, not harsh and perfect for the morning cleanse. You only need the smallest amount of product as it foams up very well.

Overall I am impressed with these products, I have noticed over the month my pores appear reduced, I think this is because they are cleaner rather than smaller. I have no reaction to the mask despite its initial feeling.

You can buy Kiehl's from John Lewis in the UK and from their own website in the US. The mask is £21.50 and the cleanser is £18.

Have you tried these?



  1. I love the Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleanser. I reviewed it on my blog a few months back. Like you I also use mine in the morning for some reason it seems to work better that way. I love the texture like squidgy cottage cheese! I want to try the mask as well x

  2. Haha! It does feel like cottage cheese! xx

  3. very helpful review! im dying to try them both now :)

  4. I've just ordered the mask now too - can't wait to use it!