Friday, 18 February 2011

Inspirational Images

I was casually flipping through my favourite magazine, Look, when an advert stopped me in my tracks!

It wasn't the product that made me gasp but the image of the model! I don't particularly like Elnett, I can't stand the smell! 

I just love the make up, nails and the hair on the model. I'm not sure who she is, I tried to Google it but came up with nothing. Her skin is flawless! I'm assuming the products are all L'Oreal, however I am most definitely busting out the orange polishes this spring. Although I am not near my collection as I write this I have a couple of polishes in this shade. 

From memory I have,

OPI Hot and Spicy, 
OPI A Good Mandarin Is Hard To Find, 
OPI On The Same Paige,
OPI Chop Sticking To My Story
I have a Nails Inc but I can't remember the name! 

As for the lipstick, I just love that shade. I have nothing like it and may be on the hunt for something similar! I do suit coral colours so maybe I can venture into this juicy shade!



  1. I cannot stand the smell of Elnet either! I adore the glasses of the model...

  2. It's gross! Love the glasses too!!

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  4. I'm just letting you know that I'm loving you're blog ^^ I'll definitely follow you!
    Those glasses are amazing, tomorrow I'm going to chose my glasses, hopefully there will be a similar pair.