Friday, 23 April 2010

Obsessed! Essie Resort Collection

I have been checking this collection out online this week and have become totally fixated with this set of colours!

If it wasn't clear already I cannot wait for the summer and I love nothing more that planning, dreaming about and going on holiday!

Essie's Resort collection is PERFECT for me! It encapsulates two of the things I love! Nail varnish and holidays! Just the name of the collection makes me think of this,

Yes Please!

The collection is now available at various online stores (not seen in the UK yet though boo!) I have ordered mine from

Turquoise and Caicos

Playa Del Platinum

Splash of Grenadine

Lapis of Luxury

I have to admit although I love the WHOLE collection I have only ordered Lapis of Luxury. I felt I have similar colours to the others in my collection and from swatches that I have seen Turquoise and Caicos looks very simliar to my polish of the moment Nails Inc's Spring Mews. All Lacquered Up has the best swatches I've seen, peep em here!

What do you think of the collection? Will you be getting any?


Sunday, 18 April 2010

Most Wanted!

I thought I'd share some of the things I've been lusting after this week!

I'm totally in summer mode at the mo, I cannot wait to pretend I'm walking along the beach on a Greek Island from my back garden!

The nail colours are from the new OPI Shrek Forever collection, the blue is What's With The Cattitude and the purple is Rumples Wiggin.
The Nails Inc one is a crystal covered Caviar Topcoat, I looove the packaging and the topcoat is really good too!

Now these are all within the realms of possibility on payday, my next item however is total fantasy and hopefully I will own it one day!

Ahhh, the colour is beautiful and the style a future classic!
But at £695 it won't be making it to my arm any time soon!


NOTD - Nails Inc Spring Mews

My absolute favourite polish at the moment!
Picture is a bit blurry, sorry! Haven't quite got the hang of close ups yet!


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Summer Nail Varnish

If you couldn't tell already I'm very much looking forward to the summer, don't get me wrong I love a bit of minus temperatures and snow but I hate the bit between freezing winter and hot summer!

I love that this years trends are for bright, happy colours. Not only in clothes and accessories but for cosmetics and nail varnish too. Pastels and Ice Cream shades will be everywhere, luckily I already have a few in my collection! That won't stop me feeding my addiction for more!!

These are the nail polishes that I will be reaching for this summer, although I wouldn't restrict myself to just wearing them during the warmer months they are all wonderful colours for all year round!

One of the biggest trends this summer will be for minty green and turquoise nails. Chanel are about the launch a polish in this shade for their summer cosmetics line, its bound to sell out and be a cult colour.

These are some of the colours from my collection. 
Cornflower blue is such a pretty colour and OPI's No Room For The Blues fits the bill perfectly. Orly have their own called Snowcone and will certainly be purchasing that one soon! 

Another hot colour will be peach and hot corals. We have already seen MAC's Ripe Peach blusher sell out and their Ever Hip lipstick is flying off the shelves.

Essie featured peach in one of their most recent collections with Tart Deco, as did China Glaze with Peachy Keen. I have already worn the latter and had many people ask me if I was ready for spring, its funny how colours conjure up an image in peoples minds!

Personally I am still a fan of the natural, taupey colours that were around this winter. I still Love OPI's YDKJ but I am favouring a lighter shade for the spring

Butter LONDON's Fash Pack will be on my nails this spring/summer, it has a beautiful gold shimmer in it which you can just see in the picture.

Who doesn't love a nice pink?! 

I am loving the creamy pastel pinks from Nails Inc, they remind me of English summer gardens with roses! Then the hot, holiday pink of OPI's Shorts Story all ways looks fab but particularly with a tan and pretty white skirt!

Wow! This picture makes me smile!

Do you have a favourite polish for the summer?


Sunday, 11 April 2010

New Clothes!

I have recently lost some weight and I am finding that a lot of my clothes are too baggy, the perfect excuse to go and do a bit of shopping! 
I'm sure you'll agree that your wardrobe takes years to grow and accumulate and I can't afford to go out and replace the whole lot! A lot of my clothes are from Monsoon, I have loads of skirts from there and they aren't cheap to buy in the first place so I am going to get a few of them altered to fit rather than re-buying everything! Anyway I digress, most shops will have their Spring/Summer lines out by now and unfortunately it just isn't warm enough here yet to go without tights or leggings or without a cardi and some days without a coat! Another month or so and it will be lovely.

I didn't have much choice but to buy summery items, never-mind maybe the summer will get here quicker and I hear its going to be a hot one!

My favourite shops are Monsoon, Zara, H&M and Laura Ashley. I don't have a Zara in my local town so I have to plan a big trip to go to one. Its big deal for me too as things used to be a little tight for me in there, now I can breeze in and pick anything up! 
However I am having a bit of a crisis with deciding what I want to wear, really I'm a skirt and a top kinda girl and I wear scarves and accessories to jazz it up and I can't seem to break away from that style, maybe I don't really want to.... anyway I'm jabbering! 
Let me show you what I bought this weekend!

I always come out of Zara with a scarf! I love theirs, they are so soft and light, this one is a perfect summer scarf. Wicker bags are my summer obsession and this little clutch bag was really cute, I got the last white one but they have it in black too and it was a good price, £9.99.

Pretty summery huh! I love white skirts in the summer, you can't really see but its a broderie anglaise fabric which is gorgeous. I love the colour of the cami, I though it would be nice with my new Zara scarf and my new Nails Inc Spring Mews nail polish! The flip flops are so me! Gold, flat and Swarovski crystals LOVE!

I thought I'd better buy something  can wear now so the cardi is perfect, I love the lacey bib! I have the taupey top in red already, it was only £7.99! 

I got this Ri2k bag from John Lewis, it had 20% off for that day. I love Ri2k bags they are such good quality they are higher priced for the high street but not out of reach this one was £75 but I got it for £60. I needed a smaller bag for the days when you don't need your whole life in your handbag! The only thing I'm nervous of is that its a cross body bag which tend to hurt my shoulder if I put too much in. Still I LOVE the colour!

I tried on this tea dress in Monsoon but it was too big so I have ordered a smaller one but it hasn't arrived yet. Can't wait for it to come! I'll wear it with leggings and a cardi for now!

No more shopping for me for a while, I'll wait until Monsoon bring out some more of their summer collection!

What will you be wearing this summer?


Friday, 9 April 2010

NOTD - Nails Inc Apple Tree Yard

A khaki green cream, it's a very interesting colour. 
I have nothing similar to this in my collection.
As with all Nails Inc it's wearing well and is still glossy after a few days!


Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Nails Inc - Ice Cream Collection

The postie brought me a lovely little present today to cheer me up on a rainy day! Nails Inc have brought out their newest colours in the Ice Cream Collection.

Ice cream colours and pastels are going to be BIG this summer, Barry M have new colours on their website, Illamasqa are releasing a similar collection and Orly have recently brought out their Sweet range.

My love for Nails Inc meant I would wait for them to release a similar collection! 

The first colour in the box is the one I wanted most from this set. I had seen it briefly on the Nails Inc website a while ago then it mysteriously disappeared. Spring Mews is the hottest colour for the summer and a colour that you will find a lot of brands copying soon!

I received an email from Elle magazine today and they chose this colour as one of the most fashionable colours to wear this summer - here's the link. I have ordered a dress from Monsoon that will go perfectly with this!

Maple Street is a lovely creamy pink. It looks like strawberry ice cream or those shrimp penny sweets I used to eat as a child! 

Devonshire Row is a rich creamy purple, I haven't seen an ice cream this colour and I'm glad I haven't! Its a light purple different to some of the other purples I collected over the winter!

Strawberry Hill is a hot but slightly muted pink. It's vibrant but subtle, I love it. It would be my favourite after Spring Mews.

I am so pleased with this collection, I bought a pastel set last year but didn't get much of a chance to wear them. I really feel I'll wear these a lot, I can see me having Spring Mews on my toes and one of the pinks on my hands or vice versa!

I bought the set from and it cost £20.00.