Sunday, 25 September 2011

What I Wore This Week!

This week I was certainly on a cool toned polish theme!

I started the week with one of my favourite Nails Inc polishes, Albert Place. Its a fresh pale cornflower blue. I absolutely love it, I got it in a five piece set in the summer, I wore it for three days! It looks fab with white.

Then I wanted to wear a grey polish as I was wearing grey and white for work, I couldn't decide between a darker shade or lighter but plumped for OPI Skull And Glossbones. I only wore it for the one day but I enjoyed it, it has a slight green undertone and looks quite nude toned on the nail.

Then on Friday I chose to go with H&M's Spending Cash With Carl to go with my new Zara cardi and my rust dress. I bloomin' love this one! It has an amazing shimmer in the polish without being glittery, it apples wonderfully with no streaks. I have to admit to getting a bit bored of the shade after two days but I couldn't stop looking at my nails for those 48 hours! I urge you to get this one if you see it in your H&M, it's in the older style packaging so I'm not sure how available it is. I will certainly be reaching for this one again this winter, it looked amazing against the rust dress.

I caught up with Keeping Up With The Kardashians Bora Bora episodes last night, the girls were all rocking bright, neon shades and I was totally envious so expect to see something of that nature next week, they looked ah-mazing!!


Saturday, 24 September 2011

Biking, Blackberries and Baking :)

I went off for a little bike ride in some local woods today, I am very lucky to live in such beautiful countryside and I can bike to the woods from my house. It's such a beautiful time of the year and with the weather being so lovely still I made the most of it! I stopped for lunch in the sunshine and cycled about 10 miles in total, sore legs tomorrow me thinks!

I stopped to pick some blackberries on the way home and I made some apple and blackberry muffins when I got in. I ate one for pudding :)


Presents From A Pixie :)

Last week I was sent a lovely gift from Katherine aka ProductPixie. After streamlining her own polish collection Katherine offered me a box of surprises! And surprised I was! 

After some faffing around with the post office I ripped open the packaging in the street and was presented with my own little Glossybox, a lovely presentation box which I will keep! I was overwhelmed with Katherine's kindness as there were 3 OPI's in that box! I have yet to try any Ciate polishes so I am excited to use those and I love the Models Own Navy and the Bourjois grey/blue.

Thank you Katherine! 

Check out her blog here and follow Katherine on Twitter, she's hilar!


Sunday, 18 September 2011

What I Wore This Week!

I thought I'd share the polishes I'd picked out to wear this week since I don't always get the chance to do a NOTD and I'm sure they'd get a bit boring! 

I seem to average about three polish changes a week and I try to mix it up a bit in terms of colour, I want people to notice that I made the effort to change my nail varnish!

My first choice this week was a classic red, you can't beat it for feeling classy and polished! My favourite is this bright tone from OPI, Comet Loves Cupid.

Mid week I chose one of my newest additions, Topshop Miss Marmelade. I loved it for a couple of days then grew bored of it and it had started to show signs of wear, no chips but it kind of cracked a bit from using my hands at work!

Then this weekend I went with OPI Cuckoo For This Colour. A fave from last winter I haven't worn it since then and I had a sudden NEED, yes it was that strong, to wear it! I have had the most compliments for this colour this weekend, normally nobody at work bothers but I had three today and two yesterday! I just adore it, but it wears badly on the tips which is not a look I like.

I'm just pondering my next polish choice for the start of the week, maybe I'll do this again next Sunday?!


Monday, 12 September 2011

Topshop Nails

These two stunners are my first try of Topshop's beauty range, I know I'm waaay behind but my local Topshop isn't big enough to stock it so I've rarely seen it! On a little shopping trip this weekend in a bigger town I came across the new Smoke and Mirrors collection, Topshop's AW11 seasonal collection.

I was instantly drawn in by the mustard yellow shade on the left. Miss Marmelade, I think they've spelt it wrong because I also notice they spell duffel, duffle which is wrong, but I'm quoting from the bottle. I wasn't sure if the colour would suit me but I knew I had to try!

I actually love it, it makes my hands look a little pink but I don't care! What I like is it is a soft yellow which suit me a lot more that the bold vibrant yellows of the summer. I know the colour will divide your opinions but I'm obsessed! Application was perfect, the brush was little thin but two coats gave a nice even glossy finish.

The second colour is called Fallen Leaf. How appropriate for the change in season!

The two looked so perfect together on the shelf I picked up this one too! I love the dusty tone of the green, it's like looking into a forest from a distance. I felt like this colour offered a nice contrast to the mustard clothing that is in the shops, I'm sure I'll end up with a mustard coloured cardi this winter! Application was fab too, two coats was all that was needed.

I adore the packaging, I prefer it to the normal range which is also very cute. I love the bronze lettering and Aztec style brush handle.

I'm impressed with the quality and I will surely look at the rest of the range. The Smoke and Mirrors collection also featured some very nice lipsticks, not in the store I was in though, and bronzers. I haven't seen these two particular polishes online but there is a very attractive dark brown shade. They were £6 each.

Tell me what you think of Miss Marmelade!


Nails Inc Battersea Power Station

Nails Inc's Battersea Power Station was recently very kindly and generously sent to me by the fab Leanne from  the Obsessive Cosmetics Disorder blog. We have bonded over our love of Nails Inc and shopping on QVC and Leanne had been watching my Nails Inc video and tweeted me that she had the perfect polish for me in her stash. Unused by Leanne, she offered to send it to a new home!

This polish was in a set on QVC that was designed to go with a range on handbags that they were selling. I loved the polish at the time but didn't commit to the whole four piece set. This particular one was designed with tan handbags and accessories in mind, another obsession of mine! 

I adore the colour, I'm reminded of milk chocolate as well as my favourite tan handbag! This colour is also perfect for complementing the rust colours that are featured in every high street shop this season and according to Pantone a complimentary shade to the Spring 2012 palette. I bought a teal coloured dress yesterday and this will work perfectly as a contrasting colour for my nails!

I know this polish will split opinion and have have seen less than rosy descriptions of the shade however I am quite smitten. The application was fab as usual, two coats, glossy finish and no colour dragging.

So thanks again to Leanne, you made my day!


Friday, 9 September 2011

NOTD - Nails Inc Seven Dials

Seven Dials from Nails Inc is a bright shade of turquoise that leans more toward green than the blue. I've wanted this polish for a long time, I love the hue and it's totally different from other minty or blue polishes I have. My only issue, and it's not the polishes fault, is that my top coat tends to yellow the colour. I think it's something to do with it being a fast drying one. Love this for the winter! 


Friday, 2 September 2011

Chanel Graphite Dupe-ish!

Ok so this isn't really a dupe but more inspired by!

OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous from last years Swiss collection is a gorgeous gunmetal grey packed with shimmer. I have to admit this isn't my own bottle, it's my Mums hence no swatch as she has taken it back to her house and she lives abroad! I did borrow it while she was here and it looked stunning, very shimmery and clearly grey not black. 

I also don't have Chanel's Graphite to show you a comparison as I went to buy it earlier this week and it was already sold out! I have seen the polish and person, it has more of a gold tone to it along with the silver, hence not a direct dupe. If it doesn't come back into stock I'll get my own bottle of Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous!

Do you guys have either of these?