Monday, 12 September 2011

Nails Inc Battersea Power Station

Nails Inc's Battersea Power Station was recently very kindly and generously sent to me by the fab Leanne from  the Obsessive Cosmetics Disorder blog. We have bonded over our love of Nails Inc and shopping on QVC and Leanne had been watching my Nails Inc video and tweeted me that she had the perfect polish for me in her stash. Unused by Leanne, she offered to send it to a new home!

This polish was in a set on QVC that was designed to go with a range on handbags that they were selling. I loved the polish at the time but didn't commit to the whole four piece set. This particular one was designed with tan handbags and accessories in mind, another obsession of mine! 

I adore the colour, I'm reminded of milk chocolate as well as my favourite tan handbag! This colour is also perfect for complementing the rust colours that are featured in every high street shop this season and according to Pantone a complimentary shade to the Spring 2012 palette. I bought a teal coloured dress yesterday and this will work perfectly as a contrasting colour for my nails!

I know this polish will split opinion and have have seen less than rosy descriptions of the shade however I am quite smitten. The application was fab as usual, two coats, glossy finish and no colour dragging.

So thanks again to Leanne, you made my day!



  1. oh hannah i adore that colour...its gorgeous!! xo

  2. It reminds me of an H&M nail varnish!

  3. I love it Gilly! xx

    You're right Lizzy, it's quite similar to Looks Great On You from H&M! xx

  4. Yay!! You like it! Phew! I told you it was a very "Hannah" colour, so not me at all. It looks fab on you. We need to get a nail varnish swap/recycling programme going. I'm certain that I have shades in my collection that aren't really me, but they could suit someone else down to the ground. Hmmmm need to have a think about that one Hannah. x