Monday, 12 September 2011

Topshop Nails

These two stunners are my first try of Topshop's beauty range, I know I'm waaay behind but my local Topshop isn't big enough to stock it so I've rarely seen it! On a little shopping trip this weekend in a bigger town I came across the new Smoke and Mirrors collection, Topshop's AW11 seasonal collection.

I was instantly drawn in by the mustard yellow shade on the left. Miss Marmelade, I think they've spelt it wrong because I also notice they spell duffel, duffle which is wrong, but I'm quoting from the bottle. I wasn't sure if the colour would suit me but I knew I had to try!

I actually love it, it makes my hands look a little pink but I don't care! What I like is it is a soft yellow which suit me a lot more that the bold vibrant yellows of the summer. I know the colour will divide your opinions but I'm obsessed! Application was perfect, the brush was little thin but two coats gave a nice even glossy finish.

The second colour is called Fallen Leaf. How appropriate for the change in season!

The two looked so perfect together on the shelf I picked up this one too! I love the dusty tone of the green, it's like looking into a forest from a distance. I felt like this colour offered a nice contrast to the mustard clothing that is in the shops, I'm sure I'll end up with a mustard coloured cardi this winter! Application was fab too, two coats was all that was needed.

I adore the packaging, I prefer it to the normal range which is also very cute. I love the bronze lettering and Aztec style brush handle.

I'm impressed with the quality and I will surely look at the rest of the range. The Smoke and Mirrors collection also featured some very nice lipsticks, not in the store I was in though, and bronzers. I haven't seen these two particular polishes online but there is a very attractive dark brown shade. They were £6 each.

Tell me what you think of Miss Marmelade!



  1. I love the mustard colour, this is one to definately pick up next time I'm in Topshop.

  2. I'm actually surprised at how well the consistency looks. Both colors are very pretty and unique:) great pics.

  3. Michelle - Definitely look out for them! I'm so happy I got the mustard colour! x

    Leslye - They are gorge!! x

    Bittersee - They are great, smooth and creamy they go on really nicely! x