Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Spring Swatches

Alongside the clothing spring collections the make-up and nail varnishes are creeping into the shops to complete your spring wardrobe!

I made an order with Transdesign for some polishes from the latest collections from OPI, Essie and China Glaze.

I really love colours that are coming out this season. Pastels, different shades of blues and greys and juicy bold colours.

First up, OPI's Texas collection! Inspired by the American state where I hear bigger is better! It's a mixed collection with some bold colours and a new sorbet formula in juicy colours.

San Tan-tonio.

A beautiful caramel tan colour. This colour really flatters my skin tone, it's not too yellow against my pinky skin. I loved wearing this one, I felt very grown up and sophisticated! I think it will look lovely with my new blue blouse I posted about previously!

Suzi Loves Cowboys.

A delicious chocolate brown! I guess the colour is similar to a horses saddle! You all know I love these shades! I did enjoy wearing this one but I felt it falls a little flat after a day or so, I still prefer Sephora Brownie for my chocolate fix!

Don't Mess With OPI.

Amazing! A fabulous shade of grassy green. I really love this yellow based green it will look amazing in the summer with a white top and gold accessories!

I am pleased with these three, they were the most obvious shades that I would be drawn to in the collection. I haven't seen many swatches around of the whole collection yet and I like the look of some of the sorbet finishes.

Next up Essie French Affair.

Nice is Nice.

A gentle lavender. Very pretty, not sure that it works with my skin tone. I'm not sure on this one yet! Application was lots better than its sister shade OPI's Rumple's Wiggin.

Coat Azure.

Oh my! I just adore this one! A shimmery pale blue that reminds me of the sun glistening off the ocean in the South of France! Such a romantic image! The iridescent glimmer in the polish is quite stunning and really makes this one stand out in the collection.

Essie are on a roll at the moment and have given us another beautiful collection. There are two more from this collection that I would like to get, Barefoot and Topless, a creamy nude and French Affair, a pastel pink.

Finally China Glaze Anchors Away a nautical inspired collection!

First Mate.

I am so into this shade right now! I love it! It's a dusky navy blue, and a true blue too! No black looking blues here! Can't wait to wear this with my new spring wardrobe!

Pelican Grey.

A light grey with shimmer. At first I was disappointed with this one as I felt I had other polishes in the same vain. However on closer inspection it contains a subtle shimmer that really stands out in sunlight and make this particular shade different from the rest.

Sea Spray.

I gambled on this one and it payed off, I love it! It's a blue based grey and at first look looks similar to Pelican Grey. As with the previous colour it is laced with a multicoloured shimmer that really sets this colour apart. Such an unusual colour too, I suppose it's getting more and more difficult to develop new shades. 

To show you that it is more blue than grey here are the two bottles together,

This is Sea Spray swatched on the nail holding the Pelican Grey bottle,

You can see here how blue Sea Spray is in comparison. 

Overall I am very happy with my choices, my favourites have to be, San Tan-tonio, Don't Mess With OPI, Coat Azure, First Mate and Sea Spray! Definite must haves!

Have you managed to get anything from these collections?



  1. Loving your TD haul. I am still humming and ha'ing about the CG polishes, to get or not to??? May I ask how many you got and what the PP was with TD? THanks.

  2. Hi! Thanks! I got 9 in total which fits into a small shipping box which costs $20. It only works out cheaper if you are going to fill the box, it's still worth doing it as OPI are expensive here I would never buy that many in one go!

  3. Thanks hun, I am thinking of placing an order for way over 9! Some of the anchors away, some others i missed out on and also the crackle polish.

  4. I love love love those china glaze polishes! I'm awaiting mine in the mail and it's killing me!