Monday, 7 February 2011

Shopping Spring Style

I did a little bit of long overdue clothes shopping over the weekend and I thought I share the goodies!

The shops are full of their Spring collections and I am so glad to see some new colours and styles on the racks. I prefer to pre-shop online as I am gradually starting to hate clothes shopping. I rarely like anything I see and often come away with nothing but make-up and accessories because I am confident in my choices in these areas!

One shop I always rely on is Monsoon. I have always loved their style and although the quality and individuality has changed I can still find outfits I love. Plus having a Accessorize next door is always helpful!

OK first up is a dress I saw online and have tried on twice but couldn't make my mind up!

Not the best pic, it looks better on! Its a bit above the knee, perfect with my trusty tan boots and tights for now until the warmer weather kicks in! Its has pockets too! Needs accessorising thought, not sure which way to go, maybe a scarf or a chunky necklace, definitely chunky bangles!

Love, love, love this one! Its a white tunic top with blue leggings. Will look so cool with my gold gladiator sandals and boots for now. Still a little chilly to be wearing this one yet. The necklace is from Accessorize, not usually a fan of this style because of my big boobs the necklace tends to bounce around a bit and draw attention to my chest! I just need to get a skinny belt for the shirt as its a little baggy in the wrong places, I have seen some colourful ones in Accessorize, red or yellow maybe.

This is such a cute blouse from their Fusion range. I adore this collection, I have a few things from it now and I have felt very stylish! Its totally sheer so I will wear it with a white vest underneath. I love the puff sleeves, they are quite big but the material softens the look. I will wear this with a pair of cropped trousers and nude heels when I find the perfect pair of both the trousers and heels!

A cute little pair of dangly earrings. One of about a billion things I could have bought in Accessorize!

As you can tell I am on a blue theme this year! I love navy much more flattering on me than black!

I didn't just shop in Monsoon!

Scarves are a huge obsession of mine. I wear one almost every day. I am so in love with this one from Zara. It has panthers on it! I had first seen it online in pink and fell in love. Since first seeing the pink one they had brought it out in red and it had already sold out online. I couldn't see it in the shop itself so I asked a lovely lady and she found me the last one in the stock room! 

I did buy this earlier in the week from Miss Selfridge. I love the style, not sure how to describe it! Its many trends rolled into one, granny, nautical, country and navy! I have no idea how I'll wear it, probably linen trousers and a simple red top when the weather is a bit warmer!

There were some make-up purchases too.

I have been having problems with sensitivity around my eyes in the last couple of weeks. I suddenly had a reaction the Nivea eye make-up remover I have used forever and I had a massive allergic reaction to a mascara which has left me with tired looking dry sore eyes. I had a tester of the Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover and have got on well with it so i purchased the big size. 
I also bought the Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener after seeing it on one of the Pretty Powerful campaign posters. I asked the MUA to try it out on me and it made me look much more refreshed. I have it on for the first time today and like it so far! The colour is Bisque.
After many of you suggested lipsticks for me both on here and YT I purchased Snob. I haven't tried it yet, I swatched it against Lady Gaga and was the darker version I was looking for!

FINALLY! Portobello Road from Nails Inc, a whim purchase but I am pleased. I think it'll be lovely colour for summer and pretty with the blouse or white tunic from Monsoon.

Phew, that's it for a while! I need the weather to start getting better before I buy anymore!



  1. you got some great stuff, that blue nail polish is divine!! I love baby blues!

  2. I love snob, i have it too. Great haul !

  3. Cute top! deffinatly going looking for that 2moro.
    Portobello Road looks gorge too, Great haul!!

  4. Great post, I always think this sort of thing is really interesting - the tunic and leggings are lovely, exactly what I would pick if I was smaller and younger!!

  5. Thanks guys! I really enjoyed myself and am excited to start wearing these! xxx

  6. Oh good purchases! I love, LOVE the Nails Inc on you. It's gorgeous. It looks very blue on you, whilst on me it pulls a little aqua/turquoise. Weird, I guess.

    What's your favorite Nails Inc?


  7. I love your blog!! :)
    May I just ask you what is that title typeface ?

    thank you so much

  8. Hi! Thank you so much! Its called Pea Amy G and its from a site called xx