Saturday, 22 October 2011

Bootie Call

I arrived back from France to a little box outside my front door! I had ordered these adorable boots about three weeks ago, they went out of stock before my order was posted so I had to wait.

I have always been intrigued by Uggs but they don't really go with my style of dressing however I wanted a pair of cozy little boots that were a bit smarter and these little pixie ones seemed to suit my style.

I ordered them from the Johnny B section from Boden, it's aimed more at teenagers but they have some really cute stuff. They cost £64 but I bought them for £44, I had a 20% off code and a £10 gift voucher, I'm not sure I would have paid full price for them, although they are leather and really well made.

I'll be wearing them with leggings and my ginger coloured cord skirt and bright tights. They can be worn turned up or down and I like either way! 

Heres a link!

I've not had a chance to wear them properly yet, only around the house and I think I'm going to love them this winter!


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  1. I love these, but I agree with you that I'm not sure I would pay the full asking price xx