Saturday, 1 October 2011

Petit Purchases


I bought a couple of cool new autumnal items this week and I thought I'd share. The weather here has been amazing for the time of year, in fact hotter than many of the days of summer! So some of my purchases are not entirely appropriate just yet but soon I'll be enjoying them!

Magnetized Nail Polish from 17 at Boots. I bought three of these as they are on 3 for 2 at the moment, I'm sure my Mum will pinch one of them! I really want to get a Nails Inc one but I got all three of these for the price of one of those! I'll get one soon. I tried out the green one last night but I kept hitting my nail with the magnet and ruining the polish. I loved the look but I got annoyed and gave up. I'll try again this week!

H&M polish in Envy. This was a "picked it up by the till" purchase! It's amazing emerald green glittery shimmer caught my eye! It's a stunner!

Zigzag and mustard tights from H&M. I already have a pair of the mustard tights and these are a back up, they only had two pairs left and I have loads of autumn clothes I can wear them with. The zigzag pair caught my eye as I love the Missoni style pattern, they have an orange base with a black design.

Red suedette brogues from Accessorize. I have picked this up and put them back so many times recently, I bought them this time as they were half price! £15, barg! I love the brogue style and I really wanted a heeled pair but I love the colour of these. 
Can't wait to wear them!


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