Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Mini MAC Haul!

Bon soir! I'm in France this week and on the way here I indulged in a spot of Duty Free MAC!

I travelled on Friday last week and I knew that the new collections would be out. I was so disappointed to get through security and find they hadn't got them yet! 

My Mum and I were helped by an amazing MUA, she was so helpful and really wanted us to find things that worked for us not just to sell us any old thing. When I asked if she had the new collections she took me to a hidden drawer full of new makeup and I got to have a play around with the newest collections!

First up my newest obsession, lip products! I had a look around at the existing collections and chose something from the Style Driven collection, a Pro Longwear Lipglass in Whoops! I wore it today and I can honestly say it was amazing! Not just the gorgeous coral colour, the colour that flatters me the most, the products longevity is immense! I applied it in the morning and it saw me right through to the afternoon and if I hadn't been such a pig a lunchtime it would have lasted through lunch too!

Secondly I fell in love with a Sheen Supreme lipstick in Full Speed, it's a really bright pinky coral. Another style of product I have yet to try, the Sheen Supreme lipsticks are so creamy and glossy,  j'adore!

Finally on the lip splurge I bought an Amplified lipstick from one of the newest collections, Fall Colour in the Wild Colour section of this huge collection. Neon Orange is a very bright slightly reddy orange, barely neon but certainly bright. It feels a little late to be buying such a bright colour on the other hand it seems perfect to offset the rusts and mustards for the autumn.

My final purchase was a bit of a lemming buy! 

The Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade. I'd seen a few of my blogging and YT companions confess to their purchase on Twitter and had noticed it had sold out online in two days online. Presented to me in the assistants secret drawer I knew it had to be mine! I straight away said "Put it through the till!" It's a blue toned sheer highlighter with lilac and peach veins running through it. I have worn it a couple of times and I kinda like it but I don't love it yet. I'll keep working with it.

I'll do some pictures of me wearing them soon, I didn't do them today as I had a bit of a dodgy hair day today after attempting to let my hair air dry, I can promise I will not do that again soon!



  1. It's sooo pretty! Glad I got it even if I need to figure out how to use it a little better! x