Friday, 15 July 2011

Holiday Maquillage!


I am writing this from my parents house in the south of France, I am sitting outside enjoying the sunshine at the moment and having a lovely time with my family. 

As usual I have packed too many clothes and brought too much makeup but I did carefully select some lipsticks to bring with me. I hate getting ready and discover that I could have brought a certain colour with me! So I have tried to cover all colour groups! When selecting things to take on holiday you really narrow down your favourites and think these would be mine as of now!

MAC - Gulabi, Dressmaker Dressmaker, Lady Gaga, Ever Hip, Candy Yum Yum and Hibiscus

Chanel Coco Rouge - Romance, Sari D'Eau

Okay, so I brought eight lipsticks for a 14 day holiday, but a girls gotta have options!

As for nail varnish, I couldn't quite control myself quite as well!

OPI - Black Onyx, Diva Of Geneva, Can You Tapas This, Hot And Spicy, Sparrow Me The Drama and Mermaids Tears

Nails Inc - Eaton Square, Blandford Street, Portobello Market, Maple Street and Cadogan Square

Orly Luxe, Jessica Sexy Siren, No7 60's Mini Skirt, Essie Mint Candy Apple, CG Flip Flop Fantasy, CG For Audrey.

Umm...... yeah.

That's 17 nail varnishes!

Well, I have toes and nails to paint and I brought some for my Mum to use as she didn't bring any *justifying this craziness*

I have changed my polish a couple of times and as I write this I am waiting for Portobello Road to dry and this is my view!

Is there anything you can't control yourself around when packing?!

P.S I have also brought 8 pairs of shoes......


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  1. Hi Hannah!
    Fun post! I always pack to much stuff as well and end up using the same things over and over again!
    The MAC's Gulabi lipstick looks really pretty, I always stick to nudes and I would like to try brighter colours... I've had my eyes on Impassioned for a long time. I need to be more brave!
    Enjoy your time in south of France, lovely place! (I'm French speaking).
    I have a blog:

    Lots of love from Switzerland!