Sunday, 17 July 2011

Evening OOTD

This is my outfit from last night, we went out for dinner in a local town. It was a smarter restaurant so we got a little dressed up, normally the French are fairly casual around here.

Top - Monsoon
Trousers - Laura Ashley 
Sandals - Accessorize
Bangle - Accessorize

I love to wear white linen trousers in the summer but I am terrified of sitting in something, spilling something or generally touching anything with them on! I would like to add that these are a size 10!!

Also the first outing of the green top, it has little butterflies on it and I have to say I am getting more comfortable with sleeveless! I know you can't see my sandals, I did crop the photo but for some reason it won't upload the cropped version, but they have Swarovski crystals along my foot, love a bit of sparkle in the evening!



  1. U look good in ur holiday outfits!
    Hope u have a great time :)

  2. That's a lovely outfit Hannah!
    I love wearing white trousers as well... So fresh for summer!
    Your hairstyle is very pretty!

    Good night ;-)