Monday, 4 July 2011

Accessorize Haul!

My favourite shop started their sale this weekend, thanks to Giltyxx for tweeting me about it! It went online midweek and hit the shops on Friday.

I had a sneaky look on the website and the necklace I was going to buy anyway had gone into the sale. Result! So off I went to buy it....

I almost bought this earlier in the month for £15, but I didn't get around to it, glad it went in the sale for £7.50! I love wooden accessories in the summer, I have various bangles and earrings in the style but no necklace. I like the longer style of this one and it looks great with a maxi dress.

Well that should be the end of this post.... 

but of course it isn't and I was drawn in by other lovely items!

These cute earrings were £3, they are a bit lightweight but they co-ordinate nicely with a t-shirt I recently bought! 

My favourite item! A long beaded necklace with a gold tassel, something I hadn't noticed in the shop pre-sale but impulse purchased! I actually love this! Again it's nice with the previous earrings and top I mentioned.

Love this too! I stacked this with my plain wooden bangle and long necklace and it looked great with the hint of sparkle! It was £6.

I bought this for the evening on holiday, I have the matching earrings that I bought waaay earlier in the year, maybe February. I wouldn't wear them together but I love the style, this was £7.50.

Finally I bought these today when I went for another quick look! They were £3, I have the pink pair which I wear ALL the time! In fact I have backed them up just in case I ever loose them!!

Loving a barg!

Did you get anything in the sale?!



  1. oooops lol..hope i wasnt a bad influence ;-) luv ur purchases hannah... have u been to the monsoon sale yet? xo

  2. I did go to the Monsoon sale! I was pretty miffed that some of my earlier purchases were now half price but never mind, it's a risk you take! So there wasn't much I wanted, and not every was half price yet! I'll wait.... x