Sunday, 24 July 2011

NOTD - H&M Going Bananas

Today I'm wearing a polish that was very generously and kindly sent to me by the lovely Katherine aka ProductPixie. After posting that this colour did not suit her on Twitter I expressed an interest into what it was and Katherine kindly offered it to me and it was waiting on my doormat when I got back from holiday on Friday! Lucky me!

Fortunately for me this is a colour that suits me! 

I really like it, it's a shade stronger that my favourite yellow, Nail Inc Spitalfields. In the top picture you can just see the beautiful shimmer in the polish, green and pink shimmer that is very visible outside, it gives it a different dimension than a flat creme polish.

I have mentioned before that I like H&M polishes, not expensive, high fashion colours, quick colour changes and fairly good wear.

Thank you Katherine!



  1. So cute! looks like the perfect lemon shade, looks great on you


  2. When you wear yellow polishes it makes me feel like getting mine out...but then I remember the funny comments I will get at work *sigh*

    Still haven't tried any H&M polishes yet, might go and have a look tomorrow :)


  3. It looks so much better on you! Glad you like it xxx

  4. I'll start telling people that colours don't suit them lol. JK. It's a lovely shade indeed :). I only own one bright yellow and i don't really like it. I prefer pastel ones like this one :).