Sunday, 31 July 2011

Post Holiday Blues Haul!

In an attempt to cheer myself up post holiday I did a little shopping this week! Some necessities that I had run out of whilst away and some major sale bargs!

I actually got this in France from Esprit, well my parents bought it for me as a birthday present! It was in the sale with 50% off then another 20%! It worked out at about 30 Euros. It's a very fine stripe that could be either blue, black or grey it's so fine I can't tell and it seems to work with all three colours! I love the lining pattern too, a grey floral design.

Wrap top from Monsoon. I love this cute top, I bought it to wear with linen trousers and it was a total barg! Reduced from £45 to £22 to £13! The lady was just changing the prices, I would've bought it anyway! It's lilac, a colour that I didn't realise until recently really suits me! It has butterflies and birds on it, needs a vest top underneath as it's completely see through!

Rings, left one from H&M, coral veined effect stone it was about £3.99 I think, need to put some clear polish aroung the ring before I wear it, all my H&M rings have left a lovely green mark on my finger after a couple of hours! The gold rubs away too and it doesn't look quite as nice! Right one from Accessorize obviously bought to go with previous top! Another 70% off item too, it was about £3!

Elemis All About Eyes set from John Lewis, I ran out of eye cream while I was away and had to wait until pay day to purchase another, I probably had about 5 or 6 days with no eye cream and I really felt it! I did enjoy the Decleor one that had run out but this set was a good price, it was £58 in total, fairly expensive but the Pro Intensive Eye and Lip Contour Cream is that price alone, then the Eye Serum which I have bought many times is worth £27 and then a travel size of my favourite cleanser and I reckon there is probably about £12 worth in there! 

Elemis Frangipani Monoi  Shower Cream, a whim purchase but one that I am thoroughly enjoying nonetheless! I used to HATE the smell of this product but since using the Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt oil in the bath I have fallen in love with its rich scent. It reminds me of luxury spa's and tropical islands!

Nails Inc Special Effects in Farringdon Crackle, this is a gold glitter crackle that I thought I'd wear over coral and peachy shades, I get in a bit of a tiz when JL gets new nail varnishes in and this was one of those instances, I'm not sure if I even like crackle that much yet!

Hmmm, I have the most buyers remorse over this purchase! Bobbi Brown Tortoiseshell Eye Palette in Bronze I absolutely loved this collection of palettes when the first pictures surfaced but these are expensive. It was £48.... The quality is fab and the palette feels special, I love the tortoiseshell effect but I still can't really justify it to myself, ahh well too late now!



  1. I love the blazer you got, I need to find something similar! I love the rings as well! A very good haul xx

  2. Love the bobbie brown palette but £48, wow!

  3. I love the Bobby Brown palette! It's a bit pricey but I don't think you will regret it... The colours are wearable and the quality is amazing!
    Bobby Brown is quite difficult to find in Switzerland, especially where I live... :-(
    I really like your blazer as well, it dresses up any outfit!
    Lovely haul indeed! :-)
    Thanks for your comment on my blog!



  4. Cara - Thank's, I didn't have a blazer before so I'm glad I found this one!

    Lydia - I hope it will be a wardrobe essential! Love big rings! I wore the purple one today!

    Make It A Tag - Sheesh, I know! Kinda pricey, better use it!!

    Anne - I used the palette today and I think I will love it! xx

  5. I'm loving my tortoiseshell palette. I got the sand version tho. Xx