Thursday, 27 May 2010

Tag: Like/Love/Hate

I saw this tag done on the lovely hazeleyes blog this week and it seemed fun.

Its 12 likes, 1 love and 8 hates......

I like sleeping

I like Starbucks, in particular Frappuccino's

I like travelling, anywhere, anytime

I like wearing flip flops

I like my iPhone

I like watching the Disney channel

I like playing Wii

I like the beach

I like wearing sunglasses

I like rugs and fabrics

I like big chunky rings

I like Gossip Girl

I love my family and spending time with them at home or on holiday

I hate mushrooms

I hate waking up

I hate un-painted toenails 

I hate growing up

I hate my parents living abroad and my brothers moving out :(

I hate confrontation and arguments

I hate cups of tea

I hate cooking

Oooh, I could have listed a few more there! You can substitute some of those likes for loves!

If you do this send me a link I'd love to read yours!



  1. Glad you did this tag! Can't believe you hate cups of tea.. one of my favourite things hehe!! I agree with the frappuncino's though, I love them! xXx

  2. ahhh love that honey - funny lots of things similar there. will have a go on mine soon (laptop is poorly so not for a while) t xxxx

  3. Lovely, I shared a lot of yours but I do love a cup of tea!

    Here's mine if you fancy a peek xx

  4. I hate tea and unpainted toe nails too! Just found your blog, I think it's great, so you have a new follower :) xx

  5. i love this! i had a go too