Sunday, 2 May 2010

New Clothes!

 I had bought a dress earlier in the week from H&M, it was 5.30pm purchase and I didn't have time to try it on before they kicked me out! Anyway I decided it looked too much like a pink nightie and took it back, I think it was the colour that did nothing for me!
I went in fully intending to get a refund and not buy anything but low and behold I came out with some more goodies!

H&M have some really nice things at the mo,

I looove the scarf, its linen and has roses on it. Its not very soft but I should be able to break it in! How cute are the butterfly hair slides they were only £1.99. I wish they were on a clip instead of a grip though as they are pretty difficult to get in my hair!

I had a gift card for Dotty P's and went into have a look. I saw this adorable skirt, tried it on and loved it! It goes perfectly with my fave brown boots.

I just needed a brown t-shirt to wear with it so I went to New Look,

They didn't have any, actually I couldn't find one anywhere, brown must not be the colour at the moment. I bought the stripy top as it was on offer for £8 instead of £12 and all the jewellery in New Look is buy one get one free. Not sure if that's just for the bank holiday or not. 
There is a cardi there too but its the same colour as my duvet! I bought that to go with the skirt!

Any recommendations for good t-shirt shops, I'm quite fussy I like them to be tight and a certain type of material!


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