Monday, 10 May 2010

Cute New Collection From Nails Inc!

I was just doing the rounds of some of my fave websites and came across this new collection from Nails Inc.

Wait for the name...... Kings Of Neon!


It's a collection of 8 minis for £22, there isn't a list of colours but the yellow could be Carnaby Street which is a very bright colour but I wouldn't call it a neon.

I think the mini polishes are a great idea, I have Carnaby Street and have probably worn it once or twice, although I love to have it in my collection, I can't help feeling the larger sized bottle is a bit of a waste. 
Personally for me these kind of colours are a few time use and then stored nicely in my collection. At least this way you can get a few more colours for the same price as a full sized collection of four.



  1. Cute colours and i agree that the mini's are a great idea. xXx

  2. oh, how i wish i could get a hold of those in the US!

  3. I am not sure about these saw them in House of Fraser and was not keen.....

    Saba - they sell this on and they deliver to the US i think. Hope that helps:

    By the way Hanna Nails Inc tom on QVC lol. Also had my Essie Resort collection through will swatch later x