Saturday, 8 May 2010

Stained Nails? Give This A Go!

I have found this little tip a lifesaver! 
I have tried a couple of nail whiteners that you can get at salons and Sally's like Bubble White and not been all that impressed. 
I can't remember how I heard this or who told me, I may have read it on a blog or seen in in a YT vid, but I have a feeling someone left me a comment on a video suggesting it.

I kind of forgot about it until I wanted to do a perfect French Manicure but had noticed that my nails were stained from weeks of wearing polish! 

So I painted my nails with China Glaze Custom Kicks (I did deliberately use a bright colour for experimental purposes!) I didn't use a base coat! 

I left the polish on for a day or so and removed and was left with this,

You can see the middle three nails have blue tint

Same here, the left hand had the polish on.

Then you need to get some denture cleaning tablets.

I bought Steradent, just because they were in the supermarket, and I bought the Extra Strength ones just because I though it might work better! They are only £1.50 or so, bargain!

Run the warm tap into the sink, don't fill it, just enough to cover your nails.
Then pop in one tablet.
Let the bubbles start and leave your hands in the water until the tablet has dissolved, should be about four or five minutes.


Ta daaa!

Clean nails! This has worked everytime I have used it, but I haven't tried it with any really wild colours. I do it once a month or so now anyway just as part on maintaining healthy clean nails!



  1. Excellent!! That is the most helpful thing I have ever read on a blog! Thanks! :)

  2. Cheers hon that is wicked, i am pants at using a base so coat so will steel some of my dads and give it a go hehe x

  3. amazing! i might give this a go! might stop the fear of the yellow nail polish. xx

  4. Great tip... thank you :) I love your blog and videos by the way. I think we share a similar nail polish addiction :) xXx

  5. Thanks guys! Glad to be a help!!

  6. i've read that polident does that same, the whitening thing that people use on their dentures, kinda funny.

  7. Wow! Great tip! I shall get some and try it :) xx

  8. I found Superdrug's own version of these for 75p!! Bargain! xx

  9. I'm going to have to give that a go! I never would have thought denture cleaning tablets could clean my nails!