Saturday, 1 May 2010

Nail Polish Haul!

I received a little parcel in the post this morning!
Some new nail varnish that I bought from

Unfortunately I think this will be my last order from them as there is some major drama occurring. OPI have sued Transdesign for copyright infringement for using their images without permission, at least that's what I understand. Transdesign are liquidating their stock and will no longer be stocking the brand. Also it seems they are no longer able to us the USPS to ship the polishes thus really hiking the shipping costs to something beyond affordable. I'm not entirely sure what it will be as all that information seems to be missing from the site.

Annnyway onto the goods!

Can't wait to try them all! 

I did a little video too if you're interested!

There is bit of a rant at the start, I got a bit carried away, I have a horrible feeling I may get my first hater comment!



  1. Hey Hannah

    Just letting you know that
    Essie are sold in John Lewis but again not a huge range

    OPI Shrek are going to be shown on QVC in July!

    China Glaze - Sallys sell them over here but do not have really uptodate colours

    I have found some good sellers on ebay lately, have you seen the Orly Bloom collection looks nice :) if you want the sellers names let me know

    Did you get your freebie nails in from In Style yet?

    t x

  2. Cool! Thanks for letting me know! I'll just have to be a bit more open to looking around at buying from other places!

    I did get the polish! I got the lilac one!

    H x

  3. I want all of those colors you bought! Except for Alpine Snow because I already have it lol. They're so pretty :D

  4. I can't wait to see swatches of these! I am addicted to nail polish. xx

  5. lena white are the official online stockists of OPI in the UK if you get desperate but obviously they charge about £9 a bottle!