Monday, 3 May 2010

YSL Faux Cils

My favourite mascara of all time is YSL's Faux Cils.
It's my indulgence! I know there are probably cheaper dupes but I can't help myself!

I recently heard about a new version of the mascara, Faux Cils Noir Radical.
YSL say,

"the ultimate luxurious mascara for a false lash effect in our deepest black colour ever, for a dangerously glamourous look" 

Yes please!

They are both the same price, £21.50 at Boots.

The brushes are very similar, I think the Noir Radical has a slightly wider brush but the both seem to be the same length. The regular Faux Cils on the left is pretty well used and the brush hasn't really held up, I have noticed that to be true of all three tubes I have used so far.

The Noir Radical is certainly darker and a true black. Its much glossier too, it has a shine to it.

Between the two I would probably buy the Noir Radical again next time. The only problem I have found is that it is so dark I find it very difficult to remove, I used to use one cotton pad to remove all eye makeup, now I use two and still have a residue in the morning. I'm not sure if this is just due to my Eye Makeup remover or not but I am going to try a new one soon. Also I sometimes get a bit of product on my skin when I blink after applying, I think this is because of the high gloss, it takes a little longer to dry. Its nothing a cotton bud can't fix!

Despite that I really enjoy using this mascara and would have no problem recommending it!

Have you used this mascara?



  1. I would try using a oil to remove it, you can either get a cleansing oil (I like origins) or even as an experiment try using olive oil or vaseline just to check it gets it all off and doesn't leave any residue?


  2. I heart Noir Radical too... Its amazing! I try using baby oil/lotin to remove it as it is tough to remove.