Monday, 24 May 2010

Alton Towers!

I went to Alton Towers last week with my brothers, it was freezing considering it's May I was surprised at how cold I was!

I hadn't been to Alton Towers before and in fact I hadn't been on a roller-coaster before until last October when I went to Thorpe Park.... I loved it!

On the way! I love this pic coz I look like a right granny driving along there! That's my brother!

The Towers

Queuing for Nemisis, we only managed four rides as the queues were so long even on a chilly dull day!

The gardens are stunning

Skirt from Dorothy Perkins, 
Black Topshop leggings, 
Brown Zara cardi, 
Tan Faith boots, 
Gold Accessorize scarf

I had to change my cardi, the one I started off the day in I preferred but it was too cold!

I loved it there, I love hanging out with my brothers and I quite enjoyed the roller-coasters!

Are you a roller-coaster junkie?!



  1. WOW!! that place looks amazing! where r the coasters? behind the castle?

  2. Yep! They have loads of restrictions there and they have too keep the roller-coasters low because the countryside is so beautiful! They were impossible to take pictures of! I did some video but couldn't work out how to get them on here!!

  3. Yay! A little OOTD!
    You look fab! :) V stylish!

    M xx