Sunday, 13 June 2010

Most Wanted!

Hey Guys! Sorry I have been a little absent but I thought I'd ease myself back into blogging with a wishlist! One of my favourite things to do!

Dress from Monsoon Fusion

Now we all know I have an unhealthy obsession with Monsoon and Accessorize, and if I could I would entirely dress myself in their clothing! I adore this dress from their Fusion range which is the slightly cooler younger diffusion line.
You can't really see from the pic but it has little elephants on it and a paisley design. Sooo cute with gold flip flops!

Maxi Dress

I reeeealllly want a maxi dress! The one above is from Gap and is jersey, I just don't know what style to go for. I'm worried it would look like a sack, but I know that jersey flatters my figure and hugs me in all the right places! Summer will be over before I get one!!

Essie Pretty Edgy

I am so in love with this colour, its from their Summer 2010 collection and I have ordered it, its should be on its way to me as we speak! I have OPI Jade is the New Black on my toes right now and I adore it!

Cocktail Rings from Anusha

I want all three! I love them!
They are £29 though so can't really justify all three! I haven't bought one yet as I simply can't decide which is my fave! I think its the cream one....... no the green one or maybe the blue one! See!!

iPhone 4

My iPhone is an extension of my arm, I would NEVER have another phone. I am obsessed with it, I'm on it ALL the time. Its quite unnatural!
When Apple announced the iPhone 4 this week I knew it had to be mine! I skipped the last one and I am eligible for an upgrade so their timing was perfect! I'm just waiting to find out the price, then I'll be in that queue on the 26th to get my mitts on it!

Are you lusting after anything this week?!



  1. i cannot wait either for the iphone, i could never buy a blackberry! xx

  2. I know! I can't imagine ever using buttons again!!

  3. lol I can hardly even text on my phone, the screen is all scratched up and my carrier won't cover the replacement... cell phones are over-rated.

    Those dresses look really cute and comfy! :)