Sunday, 27 June 2010

80's OOTN!

I thought I'd share my outfit from the other night! 
I went to a friends hen party, she's getting married in a month, and she chose the theme of 80's.

I did stress about getting an outfit together, but I'm pleased with what I ended up with! 

I went with a ra-ra skirt and leggings, then a dark grey top with a neon green vest underneath.
Fingerless lace gloves and neon bangles.
I didn't have to search around for these items, there is a combo of New Look and H&M there.

Shoes were bright pink courts from
I'll probably wear these again, they were surprisingly comfy!

Yes, I crimped my hair!
However it looked so awful down, I had to tie it back!
It just looked like a fried mess! Crimping can stay in the 80's!
I believe the style is coming back though, it was featured in the new Sex and the City film and a few celebs have sported the look recently, not sure I'll be following.

I bought the crimper from Topshop.

Makeup was the usual but with lots of blusher not that you can tell, but there was more than enough on those cheeks! Then I used lots of Lady GaGa lipstick, and China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy neon nail polish.

Here are a few of us!

There was lots of neon and a few dodgy wigs! We even went to an 80's nightclub!



  1. awwwcute photo!!=) hopeyou can follow my blog as well! thnks

  2. this looks like such fun! you're outfit is super cute! your pink shoes are adorable! love the whole outfit, especially the tutu ♥
    Natasha x