Thursday, 17 June 2010

Dress Dilemma!

I need some style advice guys! I know you are a fashionable bunch so I hope you don't mind!

I'm going to the wedding reception of one of my best friends in July and I have left it waaay to late to find a dress even more so shoes!

This is the dress I have bought,

Surprise surprise, its from Monsoon Fusion!

It has little bird cages and birds on it,


I'm going to wear lots of bangles with it and maybe a long necklace. Oooooh maybe that green cocktail ring  mentioned in my Most wanted list!!

Now I cannot decide on shoes or even find a pair I like!

I wanted to wear some colourful shoes, maybe green as the dress is black and as its summer I wanted to brighten it up.

Can I find a pair of green shoes..... nope!!

So I thought pink

These are from Clarkes! I really rate Clarkes for shoes I have found some amazing ones in there and they are always comfy!

However, I really wanted sandals or peep toes, and I'm not huge fan of suede, I prefer patent!

What do you think? Do they go? Have you any other suggestions? What shoes would you wear?

Any advice would be much appreciated!



  1. oooo green heels would be fab... I actually saw the perfect pair of Loubatons at Sax they were green peep-toe and patent, too bad they're like hundreds of dollars ugh lol. i think a cute summer wedge could work, but i think the peep-toe would be ideal, pink is a cute idea:)

  2. What about the teal/blue colour that appears to be in the bird. I would definitely go peep toe and the higher the heel the better! It is a beautiful dress and you will look stunning.

  3. Great suggestions girls! I have bought the pink shoes anyway as they were in the sale, and I LOVE them!! But I have 5 weeks yet so will keep my eye out for peep toes, I think that's the way to go!! xx