Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Hair Envy!

I hate my hair at the moment.

I am having it cut on Wednesday and have been looking around at styles to go for.

I loved my hair when it was shorter but my hairdresser has decided that we are going to grow it, which is fine but the bottom layer, the longest one is so much longer that the next layer, its all straggly and thin and wispy as my hair is so fine.

So its getting the chop!

I love my hair curly, and curl it most days as I hate it so much at the moment, curly makes it bearable!

I love watching Samantha Who? Particularly because I love the characters style.... and her hair!

To me its short yet long! Its away from her neck but long enough to style it and wear it back.

I love Christina Applegate she's so cute and I love her style, I think its very similar to her character in the show. I know she has grown her hair out a bit now and I'm sure I will too but I want it to look good in the mean time!

What do you think?!

I'll be taking these pictures to the hairdressers, so Simon get ready to chop!!


PS Please make another series of Samantha Who? its funny as well as stylish!

Maybe I'll look this hot on Wednesday!


  1. cute haircut its sexy and flirty yet sophisticated. The show is cute too... hope all goes well at the hairdressers!!

  2. i was wondering why my previous comment didn't post sorry about the double

  3. Thanks! Just got back and I love the length!

    I had to put comment approval on for a bit, coz I got a load of spam on another post, I didn't want to do it but that may be why your comment didn't show straight away! xx

  4. i love samantha who? i was bummed when it got cancelled.