Sunday, 20 June 2010

New Clothes and Shoes!

So I cannot seem to buy enough clothes at the moment!
I guess as I've lost weight I'm enjoying my clothing more!

Top from Monsoon - I love this it has little sequins on it and is silk
♥ Shoes from Accessorize

 Top from H&M from the Fashion Against AIDS collection
 Scarf from Miss Selfridge
Both items are not my normal style but I've seen many people wear a skull scarf with 'girly' things!

 Shoes from Clarks - I'll save these for the winter!

 Shoes also from Clarkes! 
I'm literally in LOVE with these! I decided to go with these for the wedding I mentioned in a previous post, so glad I got them anyway I'll wear them with other things! Oh and both pairs of shoes are currently in Clarkes sale! Bonus!



  1. i love everything:) those sandals are gorgeous, and i love the brown clarks i'd have to see if they come in black cause thats all i can wear at work.

  2. The brown ones come in black, they are called Auto Bahn, but the black ones aren't in the sale, booo!

  3. such cute stuff!! i love the shoes, and the scarf, it reminds me of the alexander mcqueen scarf that i lust over

  4. Thanks Rachel! I thought of that scarf too when I saw it!