Monday, 16 August 2010

Nail Polish Haul!

OPI have recently released their newest polishes with the Swiss collection.I loved this collection from when I first saw the promo pictures months ago!

Anyway, as soon as it went up on Transdesign I put my order in along with a couple of others I had my eye on! Here's what I bought!

My most anticipated colour, Ski Teal We Drop. I love it! Its a fairly dark colour but you know its teal, I hate it when they look black! 
I have a couple of polishes in my collection that are similar if you can't get hold of this. 

Not much difference in this picture, in person Nails Inc Portland Place is more green but No7 Totally Teal is almost identical apart from maybe being a teeny bit lighter and needing three coats instead of two.

In the bottle you can see more of a difference.

Diva Of Geneva. A colour I didn't expect to buy, but after seeing swatches on the big polish sites I loved the jewel colour of this. Seriously its stunning when its on. I would have passed it by if I had only seen it in the bottle you need to wear it to get the true colour. It's amazing outdoors in the sunlight too.

Cuckoo For This Color. Again another I didn't expect to purchase. I'm not a huge fan of frosted metallic polishes, not sure why but I prefer creams. Like Diva Of Geneva it really comes into its own when you wear it. The shimmer in the polish is very noticeable and eye catching, I loved the shade of green it reminds me of a peacocks feather!

Color So Hot It Berns is a very bright tomato red. It's really bright! I love these colours but it is very, very similar to Comet Loves Cupid that OPI brought out at Christmas. You don't need both.

Really the same, to my eye Comet Loves Cupid is the tinyest bit darker.

The same I'm sure!

Not from the Swiss collection but a polish I had wanted for a long time, Over The Taupe. In my insatiable thirst for nude, browns and taupes I had to add it to my collection! I do love it but it is identical to Essie Mink Muffs.

I can hardly see a difference other than Mink Muffs, in person, is a fraction darker but no-one would ever notice if you wore both on one hand!

As with all from the collection and as standard with OPI flawless application and formula and I expect it to wear very well.

Finally not to be forgotten, China Glaze Recycle. I have eyed this colour up for a long time, I thought it would be a good one for this winter. I really like it on, it'll be lovely in the winter with red and I though it would look quite classy with black for work.

Well, those should see me through! 

Yeah right!!



  1. I love, Ski Teal We Drop and Cuckoo for this Colour. Problem is, I am now looking at that website and plotting purchases... Was I'm Suzi and I'm a Chocoholic not the right shade to satisfy the choccie craving??

  2. Lol! I thought Suzi was a bit too red, I checked out Give Me Moor, it was little dark. I know I'm hard to please!!

  3. Hehe aren't we all? Well, I shall keep a look out for you anyways. That website it lethal! I'm up to $32 already. Ooooooooohh Noooooooo!

  4. Lol! I could spend a fortune!!

  5. Ski Teal We Drop and Cuckoo for this Colour is definitely calling my name!

  6. Oh no! I LOVE Ski Teal We Drop, Diva Of Geneva, Cuckoo For This Colour and China Glaze Recycle. I think I'll have to have them.

    Luckily I have Comet Loves Cupid and Over The Taupe.

    Do you find China Glaze a bit runny? I have a few from the Up and Away Collection and struggle to apply it neatly.

  7. I love all Swiss Collection!I live in Europe too,and the costs for shipping are insane!But,anyway at Sephora are like 15$ or its a good choice.I wanna ask you,have you bought some opi nail treatments,lotions from them?

  8. @Justine - They are the stand outs from the collection I think!

    @Nicola - I find CG a bit hit and miss, my Recycle is really thin but Peachykeen is gloopy and difficult to apply.

    @Valedora - I have used Nail Envy, didn't think it was worth the extra money and the Avoplex Cuticle oil and the Avoplex Hand Cream are outstanding and I will always use them!

  9. Thanks..I would like to buy Avoplex Hand Cream,the next order haha;)Thanks.

  10. Another chocolate colour nail varnish to check out - OPI Suzi Says Da! Have you tried that one??