Saturday, 28 August 2010

Autumn Polishes - Portland Place by Nails Inc

Wow! I love this colour!

Its a peacock, teal colour and very unusual. The only shade of its kind in my collection. 

As with all Nails Inc, two coats applied exceptionally with an incredible shine. Wear is excellent too.

I love to pair this with opposite colours like purple and pink, or tone it with browns. Almost all of my winter wardrobe is made up of these colours and my all time favourite pair of tights are this colour, so I will be wearing this polish a lot this year!



  1. Love, love, love this shade! Gorgeous and very unique.

  2. Beautiful shade!
    Would love to see a video or a post with your new hair! (Seriously - I've been loving your hair lately - thinking of giving mine the chop to look like yours - I've had long hair for too long now - I used to change it up more often - I'm over due!) :)

  3. Slightly off topic here, but what about Sephora by OPI Rocker Chic range for your milk chocolate colour quest? The 2 colours I've seen on blogs recently are "Do I know You?" (lighter) and "Dating the Drummer" (darker). Happy hunting!

  4. @ Leanne, OMG! They are perfect!! That's exactly it! xx

    @Katie, Will do! I have my hair up tonight but will do probably tomorrow! Did you leave a comment on my YT page too? xx

  5. YAY!!!!! Phew. My work here is done.

    Now, how are you going to get hold of them? If you find a way, let me know. There are plenty of Sephora by OPI shades I want... x

  6. off topic but can I ask how do you store all your polishes? could you maybe do a YT vid on it? i neeeeed inspiration
    Thinking of getting a Helmer, but not sure if I like it :S

  7. @ Cupcake, sorry for my late reply, been on holiday! My organisation is pretty random! I have a bedside table with drawers, two of those are filled, I have lots in the bathroom which tend to be the ones I am currently using. I've seen some of the major nail polish bloggers have Helmers but they aren't very exciting! I will do a YT vid a few people have asked for a collection video too! x