Thursday, 5 August 2010

My First MAC Palette!

I finally depotted my MAC shadows! 

Look how pretty!

I clearly like browns and neutrals!

From L-R

♥ Retrospeck
♥ Patina
♥ Mulch
♥ Tempting
♥ Sumptuous Olive
♥ Woodwinked
♥ Honesty
♥ Satin Taupe
♥ Silver Ring
♥ Forgery
♥ Swimming
♥ Humid
♥ Pink Venus
♥ Can't remember! It was from a recent collection!
♥ Creme De Violet

I have few more but I need another palette!



  1. love these colors! I can't wait till I have my pallete complete. I am definitely a neutrals kinda girl too

  2. I have a few of these colors and love them, I'm addicted to neutral colors. I can't wait for the urban decay naked palette to come out over here in the UK! x

  3. Wonderful! If you get more shadows you can remove the devider in the palette and keep 26 shadows there (I have done that - not that I have 26, but still)! :)) Aaah, Sumptuous Olive is on my wish list because of you lol :)


  4. I love neutrals too!! Sumptuous Olive and Tempting are my favorite colours =)

  5. Neutrals are ON this fall!! Great palette!