Thursday, 19 August 2010

Bag Obsession!

It's about time I got myself a new handbag! 

A huge trend for this season will be a satchel bag. I have always loved this style but never really seen one that I like so never committed to buying one. I will be buying one for sure this winter!

I want one with a handle on the top as I can't wear across the body for too long as they really hurt my shoulder! I definitely want a tan coloured one, it's my fave colour for a classic bag, and I think its nicer than black.

There are loads of great ones around in the shops. The ultimate satchel for me would be the stunning Mulberry Alexa, but at £650 its not an everyday purchase!

If I could I'd buy this bag without a second thought! I love Mulberry and I think this design will be a future classic just like their Bayswater bag, which I 'd love too!

The one I think I will go for is from Ollie & Nic

I love the colour and the style of the bag and its a fairly reasonable price at £90.
I've always wanted a bag that I could have forever that ages well but softens with age and looks weathered but stylish. I have a few Ollie and Nic bags and I used to buy their fabric bags a lot, they were a good price and quite unusual as they were not a well known brand. I think people are more aware of them but they are not everywhere. They have a few shops now up and down the country but they also have a website

There are loads of great tan coloured satchels around, here are a few more

I love bright coloured bags too and this one from ASOS caught my eye too,

I love the colour, how cool would it look with a black coat and boots! Its £70.

Do you like the style of these bags or are they a bit too school like for you?



  1. I have winter obsession with this type of bags every year haha;))..No,really they are all cute.I love to see them and websites and order some of them.I imagines all the time that kind of outfit:blouse,leggins,skirt,boots,casual blazer or a trench coat and a satchel.Its nice cause you can wear a satchel across the body or by handle.There are many ways to wear a satchel,and this is a good thing.I love the tan coloured too,and the blacks ar kind of "lawyer" type haha;))

  2. The Mulberry Alexa is nice, although I'm not very keen on Mulberry bags (I know, I seem to be alone in that) I do love Ollie and Nic bags and I really like that satchel!

    I agree that Tan is a much better choice than Black too.

    I like both the Asos bags you've posted.

  3. ha, the blue one is really cute and different;)