Thursday, 26 August 2010

Autumn Polishes - Chinchilly by Essie

Chinchilly is from Essie's Cuddle with Colour 2009 collection. I'm sure many of you have this polish as it was one of the must haves from the collection.

It's a light grey colour that can have olivey tones to it. It depends what you put it next to and how many coats you do! I did two and it stayed more grey, if you did three obviously it becomes darker and starts to take on those olive tones.

Also this picture was taken outside.

You may have heard that Essie tend to have good and bad polishes. Good ones are two coaters, no streaks, dries evenly. Bad ones are three or even four coats, streaks, cuticle drag and long drying times. This is a good one, the formula is nice, no streaks when applying and it wears well. You can use only two coats if you want to keep the lighter colour.

I love these kind of dusky drab colours, I think they are very chic and quite noticeable when on the nail. 

I'm always drawn to Essie as a brand despite the inconsistency in formula. I love the images they use for the collections and I love that they have recently changed their colour palette to include more unique shades, which seems to be proving very successful for them.



  1. I love your nail polish reviews! It really helps me decide what colours & brands to buy as I really love nail polish! Thanks! Emma x

  2. where do you buy your essie polishes from? xxxx

  3. @heyaitsemma - I'm really glad you find them useful! They take ages to do!! xx

    @pinkpoodle29 - I have been buying them from Transdesign, I have bought a few from SalonSkincare and Look Fantastic. xx