Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Autumn Polishes - British Racing Green by Butter London

Butter London do some lovely polishes. 
This is one of their signature colours, one of the ones they are known for!

As with all of the Butter polishes I have tried they apply very well, this was two coats, and they look beautiful however I find the wear to be disappointing for such a high end brand. They are £12 each, apart from Chanel, that's the most I've paid for a polish.

It's redeeming feature is the colour itself. It has tiny glitter in it which subtly catches the light and the green colour is stunning. Very much like a little MG sports car!

When I wear it it makes me want to run through leaves in a plaid wool skirt and boots and a cable knit hat!

Calm down, its only nail polish!



  1. i love butter london's colors and this is one of the tops for me. Its such a classic unique color, and the price isn't that bad... Chanel prices r ridiculus and the quality is pretty crap.

  2. I just can't bear to pay £12 for a nail polish :/ ... i wish you could get nail polish samples, actually maybe that's a good business idea? haha xxxx


  3. Barry M do a rather lush sparkly green that they also call Racing Green, might not be as fab as a Butter London but might just do for the more frugal nail polish freak at a fraction of the price!

  4. @whimsysophisticat - I know I'm always disappointed with Chanel, but they make me want them!!

    @pinkpoodle29 - Lol! Totally a good business idea!

    @Debbie - Good thinking! Love Barry M!