Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A Lush Christmas Bath

I was recently inspired to make a little trip to Lush after seeing lots of videos on their Christmas ranges. I became very jealous of those with the special Christmas carrier bag with the candy cane handles and I wanted to skip away from the shops sporting one of these bags myself!

Now I'm not normally a Lush shopper, I've dabbled but I've never been committed to them. Not really knowing what I was going in for, I picked up and sniffed the first few products I came across and I hit the jackpot straight away!

I picked up this sad fella, the Melting Snowman Bath Melt. He smelt of vanilla and with a hint of marzipan, not normally my kind of fragrance but I was drawn in nonetheless. He has real chocolate chips resting on his melted body and a big chunk of real ginger on his head. 

I used his head for my first bath, it turned my bath milky and I will confess I wasn't a huge fan of the fragrance. 

As it fizzed away in the bath it released coco butter and shea butter to moisturise my skin. I sunk into the bath and really started to enjoy the fragrance and my skin was silky soft when I got out also the warming scent of the butters lasted on my skin and it was noticed that I smelt nice! I will definitely go back to get a couple more of these I really enjoyed this bath melt, I split it into three and have used it all up! The Melting Snowman was £1.95 - Link!

Secondly I picked up this bad boy!

The Satsumo Santa! It's massive! This one smells heavily of citrus but what sold it to me was the assistant told me he was full of essential oils and of course because its a Father Christmas!

I chopped off his head and threw it in the bath I was slightly alarmed to see this...

Not the most relaxing bathroom scene! Fortunately this red mess shortly turned into a lovely pinky orange water,

The orange flower fragrance was strong and pleasant and the bergamot and mandarin oils left my skin soft with a lovely sheen. Overall I didn't enjoy this one as much as the previous one and I'm not sure I'd buy another. The Satsumo Santa Bath Bomb was £2.95 - Link!

I'm very keen to go back this week and try the Gingerbread House Bubble Bar and get a couple of Melting Snowmen. Do you have any recommendations?!



  1. I love Satsumo Santa, not only is it super cute and big but it smells amazing and it leaves my dry skin super moisturized! If you were happy with how the Melting Snowman moisturized your body, I will definitely have to pick it up at the Boxing day sale!

  2. I love LUSH! Just got myself a gift set and the Gingerbread House Bubble Bar as a X'mas treat! Can't wait for to try them out =)