Sunday, 25 December 2011

Festive Fingers!

Merry Christmas!

I just had my Christmas dinner and I'm chilling by the fire for a bit and since we've just had some Christmas pudding I remembered I wanted to show you a manicure from earlier in the week!

I purchased on the of the new Topshop Nail Art pens earlier this week with the intention of doing a wintery snowflake manicure after seeing some amazing nails on The Illustrated Nail, here and on WAH Nails, here. However I thought I try out my new pen with something a bit more fun! Since I was wearing brown anyway I thought I'd try out a little Christmas pud!

I have no idea why my fingers look so pink! I can assure you I didn't have freezing fingers!

I found the pen extremely easy to use with my right hand on my left finger but I was a bit clumsy the other way around! I've never been very ambidextrous! I had to do a couple of coats to get the white opaque and the polish itself was a little chalky, a top coat was most definitely needed.

I have the WAH Nail art pens from Models Own but I've never got on well with the white one. I prefer this style as the nib is much more like a pen making it a lot easier to use, the WAH pens have a metal nib that you can't really control the flow of polish and it can drag on your design. I think I'd still prefer the black WAH pen for leopard print as it looks less uniform.

I still want to have a play around with it but so far I like it! I hope they expand the range and I'd like to try some of the other colours as I've always wanted to do an Aztec design. The pens are £6.50 from Topshop, link!

Have you tried these? What designs have you done?!


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