Monday, 26 December 2011

Gingerbread House Party

After I dipped my toes (geddit?!) into my first Lush Bath Melts last week I really wanted to try another from the Christmas ranges. I popped in on Christmas Eve to get a couple more to pamper myself with after a tough day at work and because my feet were killing me!

I bought another Melting Snowman, a Lil' Lish Pud which smells identical to the snowman and the one I really wanted, the Gingerbread House bubble bar.

How cute is it?!

I love the little cinnamon chimney and the snow covered roof with the hundreds and thousands sprinkled all over! The first thing I noticed is that it's a lot softer than the others, I crumbled some of this one into my bath, it didn't need cutting. It smells sweet but not sickly, I can't stand anything with too much vanilla or sweetness in a scent. I can't pinpoint a particular fragrance in it, it's not spicy ginger which is what I was expecting more the sweet smell of a ginger nut biscuit!

It turned my bath water a murky orangey colour but the white bubbles hid that a bit! It left my skin soft but I didn't feel I was moisturised like the Melting Snowman which contains cocoa and shea butter. I suppose I bought this one more for it's looks and it's Christmas nostalgia than it's effects but I really enjoyed it and it was a lovely way to end my Christmas Eve!


P.S Slightly gutted to realise they are now in the sale! I could have waited and got more!! Maybe I will!

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