Friday, 30 December 2011

Accessorize Nail Wraps

I've always wanted to try some nail wraps, the early ones seemed to all be of a leopard print design and I've always preferred to paint my own leopard! Now however there are many different designs to choose from and I was quite taken with these floral ones from Accessorize.

They were a total impulse buy at the till. I had been saving them a bit but since it's New Year's weekend I thought I'd give them a whirl.

The instructions were simple, cut to fit, peel off and apply. It suggests using a hairdryer to warm the wrap to make it more pliable. Application was easy, I cut them down to size with some excess which I filed off, I tried a few sans hairdryer but they weren't sticking so I decided to use some heat, however they didn't actually go on very smoothly and each one has a lump or a bump in it. 

Be very careful when filing the excess, the wraps are very soft and will tear if you are too rough, I chipped almost all of them with the nail file.

I chose to apply a topcoat as the wraps themselves were clearly peeling away from my nail and I thought a topcoat would help to adhere them to my nail. This was initially successful however throughout the night and during my bath this morning the topcoat completely peeled off. 

Wear on these is pretty bad. I chipped it within the first half an hour of wear and I was only getting ready for bed! I've had a leisurely day today and they have somehow chipped some more! 

I absolutely love the design and the look of these wraps and although I have no other brand to compare them too I would suggest these were fairly bad quality, cheaply made to jump on the nail art bandwagon. Price wise they were £5 so I'm not too upset that they haven't worked out and there is enough in the pack for two uses on my tiny nails. I would  suggest they are best used for a party or night out as they would never last more than a day or two.

They have whet my appetite for trying a different range, maybe a Nails Inc or Sally Hansen. Have you had any success with nail wraps?


  1. Its a shame they didn't wear well as they look very pretty.

  2. oh my! gorgeous! what a shame they don't wear well you should try the Sally Hansen ones they lasted a week on even my nails! xoxo