Friday, 29 October 2010

Winter Wears

I don't want to keep banging on about it but since losing 5 stone since last winter, my winter wardrobe needs a little updating!

My old black boots no longer fit my calves and look a bit like wellies so I started the mammoth task of finding some new ones!

I thought I'd go with grey boots this year, anything I can wear with black I can wear with grey right? After much research and many web searches and actually saw these in Office on a recent shopping trip. They are called Echo and were £98, not a bad price I felt, most boots I was looking at were over £100.

I also needed a new coat.

I went with this one from Laura Ashley. Its wool and I know it will last all winter. I love duffle coats, sooo cozy and very in right now. One of my lovely readers Claire was asking what my coat looked like after I mentioned it in my post about the purple handbag, so here we are! I don't like black coats, everyone wears one and personally I just prefer to mix my colours! I chose the teal colour because I can wear it with everything in my wardrobe, purple, black, brown, pink, grey etc! I have many colourful scarves that will go with this and hats and gloves! 
I still feel I need a slightly smarter coat but I may get one in the sale!

Do you love colour in the winter?



  1. hey hannah, love the coat and boots!

    I have a benetton coat that has lasted me literally 4 years, the quality is amazing plus its dark green..... i hate black coats too!! I have been struggling to find one tho, my benetton one has a huge collar you can stand up(kinda like dracula haha) and i totally love it! Really like your teal one tho, never thought to look in laura ashley! The boots are fab too!! Will defo check them out! Would love to see an OOTD from you soon! You could feature your boots and coat :)
    Love you style, makes me want to shop!! xxxx

  2. Wow. congratulations on losing 70 lbs! I live on the pacific ocean in Canada, so it is very very rainy and sort-of cold. My winter (rain) jacket is also bright blue, but my more formal stylish jackets are neutral grays dressed up with super bright pink or purple scarves. Are scarves still big in the UK?

    Also, I would love a trend report from your perspective if you could think to do one! Magazines only ever talk about global trends or general trends in an area and it is insufficient for me! haha.

  3. wow! Congrats on the weight loss Hannah!

    I have recently lost a stone, but feel I have so much further to go and now winter is here I lack the enthusiasm a bit. If its not too personal could you blog about your experience and how you did it? (meal ideas, excercise etc)
    I think I am going to embark on a wheat free diet, but dont know how I am going to cope without bread and pasta :s

    Love the coat and boots, never thought to look in Laura Ashley for a winter coat, will have to check them out! x

  4. You bang on about it as much as you like that is one hell of an achievement and you must be thrilled. I too would love to know how you did it, if you feel like sharing and the boots are fantastic. Going to show your post to my 18 yr old who is embarking on a similar mission and needs all the inspiration she can get, bless her.

  5. Thanks ladies! I will most definitely think about doing a post on my experience!

    @Melissa, will do OOTD soon!

    @Carolyn, I absolutely LOVE scarves, a huge obsession! I can try and do a fashion trends post, its not my forte though!

    @Cupcake, A stone is a huge achievement, well done! I've cut out bread and that really helped, it is tough though!

    @Debbie, Thank you! Wish your daughter luck, she will succeed!


  6. Aww, I got a mention!

    Love the blue coat, such a pretty colour! I must admit I have a black and grey/silver sparkle threaded coat, but am looking for a pop of colour now. Boots look like some of mine too. :)

    Wow, fantastic news about the weight loss! What's your secret?

    Thanks for sharing hun. x