Saturday, 23 October 2010

No Mambo Jambo by H&M

I was browsing through H&M on Wednesday night when this little beauty jumped out at me in the accessories section.
No Mambo Jambo is a shimmery green teal. H&M have redesigned the bottles and I am in favour of this move, I like the new cap and the bold font.
I used two coats and wore it for two days with no sign of chipping or wear, I have to confess I got a little bored of the colour quickly but I did enjoy it for the first day. 

I am a fan of these fashionable polishes from H&M, they seem to add and remove colours quickly as they do with their fashions. These polishes are only £2.99. H&M have a selection of the line in their new online shop.



  1. very pretty.
    I wonder if OPI's Austin-Tatious Turquoise will look somewhat like that...

  2. I just got that and I a so excited to wear it!!!