Friday, 22 October 2010

In Love! +

Today I became besotted with two new things,

The Bristol from Modalú.

I saw this bag whilst I was casually flipping through Look magazine. I wondered if it came in grey so hot stepped it down the the handbag department in John Lewis to find it.
No grey, but the purple was so vibrant I was instantly drawn towards it. I have a pair of leather gloves in this colour that contrast beautifully against my new winter coat that is a teal shade, and my favoured winter scarf is pink. I just love this combo of colours.
I'm pretty sure this will be a pay day purchase!

I tasted my first Hazelnut Latte today and it was deelish! I am only a social coffee drinker, I do not need it to get started in the morning or as a pick me up in the afternoon, however I do enjoy a flavoured coffee every so often, Starbucks is usually my venue of choice but Costa have an amazing Gingerbread Latte too! 
I'm sure the delight that was the Grande Hazelnut Latte I experienced today will be the first of many this winter :)

What are your new favourite things?



  1. Now that is a seriously gorgeous bag! I love it, I want it! Ooh, what is your teal coat like? x

  2. Oh I love it, its a duffle coat, I got it from Laura Ashley x

  3. Oh that bag is gorgeous :) Hope you get it!!

  4. Oh I think my comment disappeared, when I realised there was a link in the post!! lol I don't think £135 is too bad. It's an investment isn't it and its bloody gorgeous. I <3 Starbucks but then again, I'm a coffee fan. x

  5. @ Nic's Notebook - I seriously love it, I think it will be mine!

    @ Leanne OCD - I used to buy cheaper bags but more of them, now I buy a more expensive good bag and wear that baby out! It's a really good quality bag. Obsessed with Starbucks too! x

  6. That is beautiful! I am a complete Costa Soya gingerbread latte freak, its like coffee and pudding all in one go!