Sunday, 24 October 2010

Haul - The Nail Polish Kind!

I splurged a bit on polish over the last few weeks and here are the spoils!

Chop-sticking To My Story is a warm pumpkin orange hue from the Hong Kong collection. Very autumnal, its a little darker than the picture I'm not really sure what colours I'll wear it with yet!

Funkey Dunkey from the Shrek collection. I'm sorry about the quality of the picture but any picture taken with a flash gave a very false view of the colour, this is much more true to life.
I saw Mary J Blige wearing this colour on the MTV VMA's a few weeks ago and it jumped out of the tv at me, a little research online and I found out it was this little beauty. I have nothing like it in my collection.

Just A Little Rosti At This is a gorgeous medium dark red from the Swiss collection. It falls between those classic bright reds and the vampy dark ones. I really enjoyed wearing this one, it's similar to Malaga Wine but maybe a little more towards the red. This one really needs three coats to get it even, you can get little patches that need a bit of filling in.

William Tell Me About OPI also from the Swiss collection is a dark aubergine. The lighter friend of Lincoln Park After Dark. You can see more purple than black in this one. A great staple colour for winter. Again I would do three coats of this one as before it can be a little patchy near the cuticle.

Tease-y Does It is a stunner from their newest range the Burlesque collection. It has an amazing sparkle to it thanks to the pinky, goldy glitter within a beautiful burgundy base colour. Gorge!

Black Onyx is a patent black it has a lovely shine to it. 

Essie Sew Psyched is a greyed green from their Fall collection. I really like it, its so different from anything else in my collection and it feels like a very fashionable colour. 

I bought all of these from

Sooo, I guess that should do me for a bit. Althoughhh have you seen Essie latest collection, prettttty nice!



  1. Hey sweetie

    Great haul - did you see the OPI TSV the other day. It had Tease-y Does it so had to get it that is fab lol

    Also loving: William Tell Me About OPI, Funkey Dunkey and the Essie one.

    You seen my latest post you can get a free Ciate nail polish from Marie Claire. Have you tried those?

    t x

  2. really great choices, love them all:)

  3. @Tracymiami - Hey girl! I saw it but I picked it up and put it back mainly because of the colours, I had just bought these ones and recently a red. Let me know what they are like! x

    @whimsysophisticat - Thanks!! x

  4. I love the deep red polish! I will buy! TOM!!! :) haha

    lovely post hun :)


  5. great picks! I definitely want to try that green one from essie!

  6. Great pics!
    Really like Chopsticking to my story, looks perfect for autumn!
    Have you tried Ginger Bells? from Holiday wishes 2009. very similar to OPI & Apple pie, a caramel brownie orange thats a bit like marmite, you either love it or you hate it!

    Can't wait to order the burlesque collection on payday, Teasy - does it has been a stand out fav for me ever since I saw the promo picks and your photo just makes me want it even more. So prettifull!!!

    Im off to paint my nails Funky Dunky :)

  7. Great Haul Hannah. I have funkey dunkey black onyx but have to get William Tell Me About. Love to wear dark colours in the winter. Can you please tell how much you paid in shipping from TD? I am from UK and last ordered months ago from them. I think an order is due from me!!!xx

  8. @Kim - Lol! Thanks! It is a fab colour! xx

    @Justine - That's one I'm interested in too! and the choccy brown colour! xx

    @Cupcake - Thanks! It was between Chopsticking and Ginger Bells actually, I think your right Chopsticking was more orangey I suppose. Still intrigued by Ginger Bells though! Tease-y is gorge! xx

    @pkbmum - Thanks! I paid $18 for shipping, no customs charges this time. I still feel the shipping charge justifies the saving on the polish itself! xx

  9. That is great, as an afterthought, how many bottles did you get for $18? thanks x

  10. I think they can usually fit about 9 OPI bottles in one of those small boxes xx