Monday, 1 November 2010

Chocolate Nail Varnish?

Yes you read that right! 
The wonderful worlds of chocolate and nail varnish have collided and created the Dairy Milk Bliss collection from Nails Inc. To launch the new chocolate bar, Bliss from Cadbury's, Nails Inc have launched two new colours. Vanilla Bliss and Cocoa Bliss.

I picked up Vanilla Bliss.

Obviously the lighter of the two colours, Vanilla Bliss is a cream colour with gold shimmer running through the polish. The gold shimmer is quite obvious and very pretty. I really like the colour it felt quite retro and a bit vintage whilst it was on. This was three coats.

Check out Cocoa Bliss on the Nails Inc website.

On a chocolatey theme I also purchased Cadogan Square one of Nails Inc's most recent colours.

Cadogan Square is my favourite colour of the moment, camel. It looks amazing with black, maybe a little nail art could be done here! It feels very sophisticated to wear and very high fashion. Camel is everywhere this season, coats, jumpers, bags all straight off the catwalk. This was two coats.

Without the flash you can see the colour a little better.



  1. Did you buy on win Vanilla Bliss? if you don't mind me asking?
    looks like a fab colour, how does it compare to No7 Mini Skirt? love that colour too.

    I really want to try Coco Bliss as I dont have a dark brown in my collection anymore (until OPI Texas collection is released that is)

    Cadogan Square looks so beautiful on you, I can see why you like it. very couture

  2. Glamour are giving away 4 different Nails Inc polishes in the Dec issue which is out on Thursday - I know how much you love nail polish!

  3. oooo i love both those colors, i wish we could get nails inc in the us:(

  4. Aah, Cadogan Square and Cocoa Bliss look gorgeous! I wish Asos would ship Nails Inc to the US.

  5. @Cupcake, I did buy this, I know Cadbury's are giving them away but I am never lucky with those things! No7 Mini Skirt is similar, more creamy no shimmer but a little more peachy toned. So excited for the Texas collection!

    @Adele, I didn't know that! I'll be getting that tomorrow then!

    @whimsysophisticat, I really hope Sephora or someone looks at the brand soon, you need access to Nails Inc!

    @Jewelboxdreams, Have you looked at The have free shipping worldwide and a selection of Nails Inc.