Saturday, 20 November 2010

Ginger Nuts!

Since winter has firmly arrived my skin has freaked out! My body has gone especially dry and I am trying whatever I can to keep it moisturised.

However I hate moisturising! I need to use a product that I love or I just won't do it!

Browsing around the John Lewis beauty department I happened across the Origins counter where they enticed me in with their fab Christmas displays, I'm a sucker for anything red or snowflakey!

Most of the display was devoted to their Ginger range, I have encountered this range before and last year I purchased a body wash and absolutely loved it. I thought I would try some more from the range and purchased the body oil from the range but had a terrible reaction to it and left Origins well alone for a while.

Despite my reaction to the product the scent of this range is divine, and even more-so at this time of year. 

The scent has always drawn me to this range and something I haven't forgotten, being a little wary I thought I would try some body lotions on my hand and leave it on for a while to test it out. Thankfully no ill-effects were encountered so I went back and purchased Ginger Rush.

Described as an "Intensely Hydrating Body Cream" this is a thick rich cream that leaves my skin velvety soft. I I use it after a bath for a warming wrap of moisture and yummy fragrance.

The aroma of the cream is rich and spicy but not sweet, its very appropriate for this time of year. I may be fickle but I can't see me using this outside of winter, it just seems wrong.

I'm sure I'll use this little pot up this winter and go back for more next year! 



  1. Good choice, I've used that before and it really keeps your skin moisturized...i recently purchased the souffle, and was not as impressed. My skin soaked it up immediately, and i couldn't even tell i put anything on:(

  2. Oh that's good then! I actually tried the souffle on my hand and it gave me that itchy feeling the oil did last year! x