Sunday, 4 July 2010

Product Of The Moment!

I'm so happy we have had consistent hot sunny weather here in the UK! 

I've been making the most of the sunshine and spending as much time in the garden as I can. I also have my holiday coming up and am in preparation for that.

I am not a huge fan of fake tan, not the look, just the application, the inconsistency and the pressure of getting it right. I am fair and I burn very easily I ALWAYS wear factor 30 in the sun and apply regularly. 

In preparation for a natural tan I have been applying Elemis Tan Accelerator.

It promises to help the skin prepare for exposure to the sun and helps to encourage your skins melanin, which is the natural pigment in your body that gives you a tan.

I apply this mainly in the evening and if I have time in the morning. I have been almost religious about this over the last two or three weeks usually I give up on moisturising. 

I have stuck with this because it really works!

The product contains, Shea butter, Jojoba, Macadamia Nut Oil and Vitamin E. Elemis suggest applying  the lotion about two weeks before your holiday or throughout the summer, and it can be used after your holiday to help prolong your tan. 

I have got the best colour I have ever had. I am convinced it's down to using this product. I haven't had that much sun, maybe three or four days in the last three weeks and I have used a factor 30, but I have a lovely colour.

The product has a natural brown hue to the lotion but is not a self tanner. I think that the lotion encourages the melanin to come to the surface of the skin alone is helping with my tan.

I highly recommend this product I will certainly use it next year and over the next few summer months.

It costs £19 from Elemis direct or it can be purchased from John Lewis, QVC or various salons and spas. I bought mine as part of a set from QVC.


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  1. I had this given to me by a friend (who goes brown in about 20 minutes!) who knows my irish roots prevent me from tanning, tried it for 2 weeks before my holiday in corfu last week and although I am pretty brown I don't know how much difference it made, having read your blog think I might dig it out and keep trying whilst the sun is shining here!